Musotica Launches Its Latest Bad Ass Babe Halloween Collection

Musotica Launches Its Latest Bad Ass Babe Halloween Collection
Los Angeles, CA, September 08, 2019 --( With Halloween fast approaching, Musotica has launched their latest Halloween collection for 2019, taking inspiration from a host of heroes and villains. The Halloween range is centred around bad ass babe costumes, taking influence from comics, fairytales, ancient civilizations, mythology and animals. With an extensive selection of items this fall, Musotica has added a variety of new hero and villain costumes and accessories to their Halloween collection. These new costumes have been curated by Musotica, with a variety of cosplay looks and styles available. The bad ass babes collection focuses on female strength and power, taking influence and fashion inspiration from pop-culture and mythological looks. When asked about the collection, Musotica founder and celebrity stylist, Sarah Wallner said: “We wanted to take influence from the baddest babes with styles that are flirty, fun and bold! We wanted to highlight the power of females in a variety of trendy looks this Halloween.” Sarah added: “This collection nods to comic and pop-culture history with a host of glitzy accessories that bring all of these costumes to life!” The collection focuses on complete Halloween costumes complimented by a host of accessories including headbands, wrist cuffs, leg warmers and mock weapons. Musotica offers an extensive collection of Halloween and cosplay costumes via their online and Amazon store.

Brent Buckley Honored by Cleveland-Marshall College of Law as Distinguished Alumni

C|M|Law honors Brent M. Buckley ('82) with Distinguished Alumni Award.
Brent Buckley Honored by Cleveland-Marshall College of Law as Distinguished Alumni
Cleveland, OH, September 08, 2019 --( Buckley King is proud to announce that Brent M. Buckley, the Firm's managing partner, has been awarded the Cleveland State University Cleveland-Marshall College of Law Distinguished Alumni Award. The law school alumni association annually recognizes one alumnus for their outstanding professional accomplishments and service to their communities. "A well-deserved honor for Brent," states Rosemary Sweeney, the Firm's administrative partner, "his hard work, vigilance, passion and leadership inspire all of us, every day, to make a difference professionally, personally and civically." Buckley will receive his award on October 4, 2019. About Brent Buckley: A founding member and managing partner of Buckley King LPA for 35 years, Brent maintains an active practice representing financial services organizations, businesses, directors/officers, and executive management. He receives numerous recognitions including by Corporate Responsibility Magazine as among the nation's top "high-stakes" trial lawyers, Best Lawyers in America, and among the Top 50 Lawyers in Cleveland, Top 100 Lawyers in Ohio, and Top Legal Minds in Northeast Ohio. Brent serves in leadership positions on numerous boards, including the Cleveland Institute of Music, College Now Greater Cleveland, Greater Cleveland Film Commission, the Cleveland Ballet, Cleveland Sight Center, and many more. About Buckley King: Buckley King is a full-service law firm that provides solutions-driven legal advice and representation on traditional to complex business matters in all major industries. We maintain a culture in which integrity, transparency, creativity, teamwork, and passion for what we do is non-negotiable. Offices in Ohio, Georgia and Arizona Rethink your outside counsel(R)

Toronto International Film Festival Beckons for Florida-Based Jalbert Brothers

Jalbert Brothers moving forward in a changing film industry. Jalbert duo will be keynote speakers at Toronto International Film Festival.
Toronto International Film Festival Beckons for Florida-Based Jalbert Brothers
Clearwater, FL, September 07, 2019 --( Florida-based duo, the Jalbert Brothers, are gearing up for their maiden visit to the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival (September 5-15) where they will be appearing as keynote speakers alongside taking pitches from filmmakers. The pairing will also be looking to raise funds for their latest film production, "The Game." As one of the most internationally recognized and respected film festivals in the world, the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival kicks off this weekend for the 44th edition. Fresh from the highly popular and successful Amazon Prime show Haunted Tours, the Jalbert Brothers will be in attendance throughout the 10 day event, where they will be participating as Keynote speakers and meeting with filmmakers to hear pitches. Alongside their own duties, the Jalbert Brothers will also be attending a number of the major events scheduled over the duration with fellow keynote speakers, Adam Fisher from the Complete Production Group and Tom Malloy of Glass House Distribution. As one of the most accomplished teams within the film industry, the duo will be using the incredible networking opportunities that the festival provides to raise funds for their upcoming project, The Game as well as promote new film ANIMATOR; a unique insight into understanding the gifts you have been given. Which is being streamed on tubitv. The Toronto Film Festival is just the start of a busy few months for the Jalbert Brothers, as next January they will be hosting the inaugural Hacking Hollywood Pitch Festival. Based over two days (11-12) the event is aimed at current and aspiring filmmakers looking to take their career to the next level. Featuring a host of leading industry keynote speakers, including Fisher and Malloy, the event will give attendees a unique inside look at the new age of online and streaming content creation. Speaking ahead of the festival, the Jalbert Brothers said, “We’re really excited to be heading to the 44th Toronto International Film Festival. It’s one of the most important events in the industry and we’re very proud to have been invited along as keynote speakers. There are so many talented individuals going along, we can’t wait to meet them.”

Gantner Environment Introduces Sales and Service Partner in Thailand

Gantner Environment Introduces Sales and Service Partner in Thailand
Zwoenitz, Germany, September 06, 2019 --( Today, Gantner Instruments is pleased to announce that Logic Power Co., Ltd. will support them as a sales and service partner in Thailand. “Gantner Instruments is, for more than 3 years, together with Victor Boonyasnguan from Logic Power Co., Ltd., supporting them with industrial Solar and Utility Monitoring & Control Systems. Making the next step in appointing Logic Power Co., Ltd. as our official partner was not only mandatory but also well deserved,” says Jörg Scholz, Managing Director from Gantner Instruments Environment Solutions GmbH. Gantner’s monitoring and control solution "Made in Germany" is an optimized, individually developed system and - as result of high-quality engineering - based on newest technology. Since 2011, Gantner Instruments Environment Solutions has continually built up its position as one of the market leaders specialized in global supplies for utility scale solar power plant monitoring and control solutions. Numerous large projects on all continents have been equipped with Gantners hardware products and Software as a Service Solutions, such as the well-known and highly customizable Gantner Webportal. In recently fast growing markets, such as Australia and Egypt, Gantner has gained a solid and respected leadership position in its segment and is valued as a strong, competent and trustworthy partner for EPCs and investors.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Day Trading Crypto

For a time after Bitcoin’s inception in 2009, the world’s first digital currency was primarily a niche product promulgated by a loyal online following.

Sure, Bitcoin was being traded on early crypto exchanges like the now-disgraced Mt. Gox, and some enthusiasts like Laszlo Hanyecz actually used Bitcoin as currency, but they were an aberration, not the norm.

In reality, Bitcoin was more of a digital collector’s item, like pogs or Pokémon cards, than it was a serious investment asset.

Oh, how things change.

Today, Bitcoin is one of the most famed investment vehicles around, competing, and often winning, against more established mechanisms like stocks, bonds, gold, and other commodities.

It’s incredibly prominent with near-unanimous name recognition, which has made it uniquely popular. For instance, prominent trading platform Coinbase added eight million users in the past twelve months. Other institutions report similar growth, as cryptocurrency trading matures as an investment vehicle that feels like the most natural financial expression in the digital age.

That’s not to say that it’s without its troubles. Navigating this unique landscape can be tricky as crypto’s idiocracies and relatively novel ecosystem create a trading environment that demands intentionality and careful consideration.

Fortunately, by understanding the common mistakes that plague crypto day traders, new and experienced investors can put their best foot forward into this financial ecosystem that’s ripe with potential.

Letting Emotions Take the Wheel

Few communities are as replete with enthusiasm and despair as the crypto community. It’s easy to see why. Digital currencies have soared in value and popularity in the past several years, but their journey hasn’t always been steady. The sector is known for its volatility and wild, unexplainable price swings that have prompted its own industry parlance.

For instance, “FUD” an acronym for fear, uncertainty, and doubt, is intended to convey the sometimes erratic nature of digital assets. In addition, the term “HODL” a misspelling of “hold” encourages investors to white-knuckle their way through difficult seasons.

At the same time, it’s easy to be caught up in the “to the moon” ethos that often permeates cryptocurrency culture. With hundreds of new platforms promising transformative services, it can be difficult to tell the difference between a dud and an actual world-changing platform.

Consequently, FOMO (fear of missing out) too often drives investment decisions, something that only exacerbates volatility and makes investors personally liable for price movements.

Rather than relying on your emotions to dictate investment decisions, develop an investment strategy and, with few exceptions, stick with it.

To be sure, investors should continue to read the news, monitor the markets, and make intentional, strategic investment decisions. However, fleeting feelings and momentary price movements make for a terrible investment strategy.

Instead, prioritize a long-term strategy over haphazard decision-making. This list of crypto trading do’s and don’ts is a helpful place to start when building a long-term strategy.

Underestimating Technological Capabilities

While the technological infrastructure supporting the cryptocurrency movement is quickly evolving to include comprehensive tools for individual investors and prominent tools from financial institutions, not all crypto products were developed with day trading in mind.

Day traders need to identify the technology that works best for them, this includes

  • Wallets that incorporate security while accounting for the fast-paced nature of day trading maneuvers.
  • Exchanges that provide advanced metrics and professional-grade tools to accommodate the unique needs of traders used to cutting-edge capabilities.
  • Software solutions that enhance the trading experience to accommodate for the burgeoning needs of crypto day traders.

At the same time, day traders are competing with high-frequency and automated trading operations that rely on powerful technology to execute complicated trading strategies. This approach accounts for hundreds of thousands of crypto trades each day, and they can create a chasm in the trading experience. Fortunately, there are affordable, easy-to-use platforms, like those provided by CryptoHopper, that can make this functionality a reality for all times of investors

Crypto day traders can compete with these operations, but they need to be aware of the environment, and they need to harness the best technology to appropriately address their goals.

To be sure, technology alone can’t make a cryptocurrency investment strategy successful, but investors can incorporate these things into their holistic pursuit of a successful investment strategy.

Getting in Too Far Too Fast

Like any investment vehicle, cryptocurrency investment carries inherent risks, and successful day traders will navigate these risks by accounting for the complete ecosystem.

First, and perhaps most obviously, the crypto space is clogged with projects with varying degrees of efficacy. For instance, cryptocurrency-related scams are big business, ccounting for $1.7 billion in losses in 2018.

As a result, choosing the right projects to include in your portfolio is a critical first step. When choosing, consider several components of a project, consider:

  • Does the team have experience running successful projects in the past?
  • Is there a realistic market for the platform’s product or service?
  • Is the community sizable and enthusiastic about the platform?
  • Can the platform’s technological components accomplish its stated goals and mission?

By evaluating crypto projects on their merits, you can avoid getting into a project too quickly or pursuing projects that are not worthy of your investment.

On the other hand, becoming over-reliant on a single asset, even a trustworthy one, exposes your portfolio unnecessarily volatility or other market movements.

Like any investment class, the crypto ecosystem is comprised of hundreds of projects with different purposes, ambitions, and long-term viability. Creating a differentiated portfolio comprised of currencies, stablecoins, utility tokens, and other delineations can help pursue profits while ensuring that all your proverbial eggs aren’t placed in a singular baske

To put it simply, be careful about determining your cryptocurrency investments. Everything else, from strategy to technology falls into place when the right assets are selected. Cryptocurrencies represent a tremendous opportunity for investors. They just need to avoid the common mistakes first.

Network Television Host’s Mocking Response to Young Prince George of Wales’s Interest in Ballet, Evokes Local Response About Bullying in the Dance Arts

Network Television Host's Mocking Response to Young Prince George of Wales's Interest in Ballet, Evokes Local Response About Bullying in the Dance Arts
Austin, TX, August 27, 2019 --( Late last week, ABC Good Morning America television host Lara Spencer chastised the announcement that 6 year old Prince George of England was taking ballet lessons. Spencer’s sarcasm and comedic pause cajoled the audience into a collective snicker and further demeaning laughter with her co-host. This situation touched very close to home for Anna Bauereis, a local children’s author and anti-bullying advocate. Bauereis is publishing a new children’s picture book, "Things We Wish to Say," about overcoming bullying, in honor of her late son, Alexei Bauereis, who was bullied throughout his life for being a ballet dancer. The book is set for publication at the end of October. According to Bauereis, "'Things We Wish to Say' is coming at a vital time in educating and protecting boys’ rights and their interest in this art form." She adds, "My son was teased, bullied and laughed at regularly in an eerily similar context to the incident on the Good Morning America show." In response to public outcry over Spencer’s comments and behavior, the television host issued a sincere and swift apology. Additionally, this morning’s Good Morning America show included interviews with high profile male ballet dancers. Yet, as Bauereis reflects, “The larger picture is that Spencer’s actions are unfortunately similar to many people’s reactions when it comes to male dancers, the difference is that this happened during a national network television show.” Bauereis continued, “My hope is that this situation unfolding on a national stage will help illustrate the challenge young boys face when pursuing their passion for dance. The real opportunity here is for this to be a catalyst to encourage better understanding, awareness and education about boys’ rights in ballet. She believes all kids have a right to find their love and to aspire to great things, as her late son had done.” About Alexei Bauereis Alexei Bauereis was born in August 2001 and died tragically in a pedestrian traffic accident in June 2016. At a young age he grew fascinated with ballet and became a talented and accomplished dancer with the Austin Ballet. He is being featured in an upcoming dance movie, Danseur, set to release at the end of October. Alexei inspired many others with his courage while facing bullying and keeping his focus on achieving personal goals in spite of societal ridicule. Alexei wrote a poem about his journey as part of a homework assignment that was precluded from being turned in by his sudden death. His mother, Anna Bauereis found the poem, which is the storyline for the children’s picture book, "Things We Wish to Say." About Anna Bauereis Anna Bauereis is a life coach, author, speaker and anti-bullying advocate. She is determined to help families have open and honest dialogues to foster healthy support for their loved ones and those around them. Her upcoming book based on her son’s poem, Things We Wish to Say is a beautiful message to encourage young boys especially, but all children, to accept themselves as they are and believe in their dreams. The book launch will be in tandem with a special screening of the movie Danseur at Ballet Austin Theatre on October 26th. Contact Bauereis for more details Media Contact Anna Bauereis Email Phone 512-784-5056