Aroma Oil Diffuser

Anahata’s handcrafted oil diffusers are carved out of marble and are available in beautiful designs. Use them to add a divine aroma to your space. Place it indoors, in your living space, work space or just as a decoration piece. Use it with Anahata’s fragrance essential oil blends to create an aura of energy in your home. Add a few drops of the oil on top of a bowl and light a candle below, for a long lasting aromatic ambience.


Benefits of using dhoop sticks

Dhoop Sticks burning has always been a part of Hindu rituals, and it is regarded as a symbol of worshipping your deity. Incense is burned to symbolize devotion to God during Big Puja, Havana, or a regular puja. Incense sticks come in various shapes and sizes, and they are used to perform pooja at home. The majority of incenses are manufactured of herbs, which provide the natural perfume of the herbs utilized. Dhoop sticks enliven the entire mood and keep the day fresh with their freshness and therapeutic abilities. 

Kesara Cell Regeneration Serum with 24 K Gold

Powered by 24K Gold, Kesara serum is an effective solution to restore skin health, repair sun damage and reduce hyperpigmentation. With rich ingredients like saffron that promotes collagen building, rose that restores firmness of the skin and pumpkin seeds that prevent cell damage, this high performance serum is an absolute must for your skincare arsenal.


Restore firmness of the skin
Prevents cell damage
Evens skin texture
Best suited for

Dry skin
Combination skin

Sambrani Dhoop For Healthy Hair

Sambrani Dhoop is a type of incense made using dried flowers and herbal ingredients like sambrani, neem leaves powder, coconut oil, mahua oil, rose powder, sandalwood powder, honey, cow ghee and more. It is used to detoxify the air, for worship and meditation purposes and to create a serene ambience. One little known secret is that is also a great way to naturally dry the hair and leave a beautiful and natural fragrance in the hair.


Snanamrit Ubtan Bathing Powder & Scrub

The Snanamrit Ubtan Powder has been hand crafted using the most gentle ingredients as exfoliants to polish the skin, leaving it smooth and buffed with a luminous finish. Made from an ancient Indian recipe, our snanamrit ubtan powder is a luxurious and earthy bathing experience. It improves microcirculation on the body, and improves skin texture. A mix of organic flowers, herbs and pulses, it is an effective body scrub that gives a natural glow to the skin. Its the perfect Ayurvedic ubtan powder for skin pigmentation, sandalwood and rose powder is an effective natural cleanser to clarify skin of blemishes and blackheads. You can use the Snanamrit ubtan powder for ceremonious purpose as well, it doubles up perfectly as a lepam for a Haldi Ceremony. HOW TO USE Weekly, on damp skin .Use on wet skin in the shower after cleansing, to remove surface dead cells and detan the skin. Rinse well with water.


Benefits of using Dhoop Sticks at Home

Burning dhoop sticks is considered to be a sign of honouring your deity and has always been a component of Hindu rituals. During a Big Puja, Havana, or ordinary puja, incense is burned to represent a person’s devotion to God. Incense sticks are used to perform pooja at home and available in a variety of sizes and shapes. The bulk of incenses are made from plants, which impart their own natural fragrance. With their natural freshness and healing properties, incense sticks uplift the entire mood and make the day lively.

There are a tonne of advantages other than spiritual ones that may be realised when burning incense at home, therefore there are many perks to be aware of. Look at a few of the advantages stated below:

The Hindu religion uses lightning agarbatti as part of their regular puja rituals. It’s true that the stick gives off a distinct smell after every shot. Studies show that the essential oils found in incense sticks assist to purify the air and relieve nasal blockages. Because of its advantages, aromatherapy is applied in therapeutic clinics.

Hibiscus Oil For Hair- Anahata Organic

Hibiscus Hair Oil is a traditional, hand-crushed blend of unique herbs and flowers. Rich in amino acids and Vitamin C, it strengthens the hair follicles, nourishes the roots and prevents hair fall. Use this oil twice a week for long, lustrous and healthy hair.


Hibiscus Leaves & Petals, Roses, Curry Leaves, Virgin Coconut Oil, Sesame Oil

How to use hibiscus oil for hair?

Part hair evenly, dab oil on the scalp. Massage for 5 minutes. Leave overnight. Apply twice a week for effective results.

Hibiscus Oil For Hair

Kumkumadi Thailam, Face Glowing Serum at Best Price

Kumkumadi Tailam is a skin elixir, made with a vedic formula and indic ingredients. Infused with sandalwood, vetiver, dashamoola, cardamom and other herbs, Kumkumadi Thailam Oil improves skin texture, reduces pigmentation and deeply hydrates the face. Enriched with natural astringents and antioxidants, it repairs early signs of ageing, glowing face  and renders a healthy glow to the skin.


Sandalwood, Vetiver, Cardamom, Basil, Rose, Saffron, Sesame Oil, Yashthimadhu, Haridra, Gokshura, Ajaksheera, Dashamoola, Daruharidra, Padmaka, Nilotpala, Plaksha & Vata, Bilwa, Agnimantha, Gambharipatala, Prishnamparni, Madhuka, Laksha

Benefits of kumkumadi Tailam

  • Suffering from skin problems such as eczema, allergy, etc. Kumkumadi is the best remedy for your skin problems.
  • Kumkumadi is an ayurvedic oil that enhances your facial skin. It is made with saffron, an ingredient to make your skin glow.
  • Get rid of scars and pimples with Kumkumadi serum. It contains antibacterial properties that help to remove scars and pimples.