International Institute for Analytics Honors Ford Motor Company with 2019 ANNY Excellence in Analytics Award

International Institute for Analytics Honors Ford Motor Company with 2019 ANNY Excellence in Analytics Award
Portland, OR, October 19, 2019 --( The International Institute for Analytics (IIA), the leading independent analytics and data science research and advisory firm, named Ford Motor Company the winner of the 2019 ANNY Excellence in Analytics Award at IIA’s Analytics Symposium held in Detroit.

Ford Motor Company won the Excellence in Analytics Award for its Global Supply Chain Fitness Analytics initiative that supports their Manufacturing, Purchasing, Material Planning and Logistics divisions.

“Ford Motor Company’s project was our first unanimous winner in the history of the ANNY because of the impressive global impact to the business,” said IIA Chief Analytics Officer Bill Franks. “Congratulations to Ford’s innovative data and analytics team and their business partners.”

All applicants competed on the five key areas that determine the success of an analytics project: outcomes, ambition, scale, skills, and insights. Franks led a panel of judges who examined each application and cast anonymous ballots.

The other two finalists for the 2019 ANNY were Intel and Steelcase, who spoke on stage with Ford Motor Company at the Analytics Symposium sharing key learnings from their respective projects. Ford Motor Company is the first organization to win the ANNY twice.

Upon accepting the award on behalf of Ford, Craig Brabec, Director, Global Data Insight and Analytics, said, “We are delighted to receive this honor and very humbled to be in the company of such outstanding finalists. Ford touches the lives of people in every corner of the globe, not just by making and selling smart vehicles for a smart world, but by leading the way in supply chain, manufacturing and business innovation.”

About the Analytics Symposium
The Analytics Symposium is a semi-annual event that brings together a community of analytics practitioners and thought leaders for moderated discussions on key analytics topics, industry specifics, and functional applications. The most recent event was held in Detroit, MI and featured speakers from Walmart, Procter & Gamble, Quandl, and several other organizations.

About IIA
The International Institute for Analytics (IIA) is an independent research and analytics advisory firm for organizations committed to accelerating their business through the power of data. Co-founded by Tom Davenport and CEO Jack Phillips, IIA works across a breadth of industries to deliver strategic and actionable insights from its global network of analytics practitioners, industry experts and faculty. IIA’s research clients gain access to on-demand consulting, an extensive research library, faculty-moderated executive roundtables and expert network of practitioners. IIA also provides analytics assessments and training services designed to optimize performance in the new data economy. For more information about IIA, its services and how you can become a member visit

International Practical Neuroscience Experts Launch BrainFIT Institute, a Brain-Based Mindfulness Training and Coaching Company to Optimize Business Performance

International Practical Neuroscience Experts Launch BrainFIT Institute, a Brain-Based Mindfulness Training and Coaching Company to Optimize Business Performance
Los Angeles, CA, October 19, 2019 --( BrainFIT Institute, LLC™, an international science-based training, coaching, and performance optimization group, today announced the formal opening of its firm, which currently serves North America and Europe. With this rollout, BrainFIT Institute released its flagship products: BrainFIT Leaders™, BrainFIT Teams™, and BrainFit Basics™. Each of the transformational programs is conceived by, and are led on-site in person by BrainFIT Institute’s certified NeuroCoach (CNC) experts, and supported by educational materials on-line and instruction aids from their website

The BrainFIT Institute provides a proprietary neuroscience-based model that maximizes the brain’s ability to perform complex problem-solving tasks with minimal effort along with a concomitant marked reduction in stress and anxiety. Now, CEOs, executives, and managers can transform corporate culture, improve performance, and increase employee engagement and satisfaction by enrollment in on-site BrainFIT training programs. Half-day day booster programs are offered to supplement these immersive 2-3-day boot camps, and virtual on-line sessions to further improve and ensure sustainability.

The BrainFIT Institute concepts and programs are developed by the company's three founders, Bernadette Marie Wilson MBA, CNC, Jean Dominique Michel MSC, CNC, and David Coenen MCouns, CNC. Together they distilled thousands of hours of corporate, team, and executive individual NeuroCoaching sessions and published neuroscientific literature into a series of digestible lessons that provide rapid and sustainable neuro clarity and success. The team also imbues methods of mindfulness and cognitive studies into this comprehensive, practical performance system. The resulting science-based model optimizes the brain's innate organization and interconnected processing systems to achieve a state of coherence, a transformation when everything comes together effortlessly, and memory recall, resiliency, and vitality are all dramatically increased.

"When you are in a state of coherency, you are fully present and alert with optimized execution function. Your brain's aggregate knowledge is organized and accessible, allowing for articulate, logical, and effective results," Wilson said. "That's imperative for today's CEOs and corporate leaders. The real-world impact they have on the lives of others magnifies the need to perform with excellence and make crucial sound decisions with more ease."

“BrainFIT programs also lessen the symptoms of harmful work-related stress and burnout by teaching how to be more mindful and empathic on demand, while enjoying a substantial increase in overall well-being and performance,” states Coenen. “Work-related stress impacts not only affects our physical and mental health, but the direct cost to employers is staggering.”

"I am so excited about this program," says Michel. "Over the years we have seen so many "break-through" new propositions, with claims based on weak evidence and results. We bundled the best practices and strategies on a mindfulness 3.0 philosophy," states Michel. "Thanks to neuroscience, we have graduated from mindfulness for only personal well-being to self-directed and tribal leadership that impacts how we relate to others, cooperate, and adapt to the ever-changing business environment. We finally have a methodology that empowers people durably with coherence and mastery."

BrainFIT Institute has regional headquarters in the California, USA, Geneva, Switzerland and the Amsterdam, Netherlands and with programs available in three languages English, French and Dutch. The institute will also launch its complementary on-line program, BrainFIT Online, in spring of 2020.


BrainFIT Institute™ is a leading influencer in applied brain-based coaching and training programs to empower individuals, teams, organizations, and communities to thrive in their full potential and to embrace coherence in today’s exponentially fast-paced global environments. Founded by three international practical neuroscience experts, Bernadette Marie Wilson MBA, David Coenen MCouns and Jean Dominique Michel MSc, BrainFIT Institute suite of products is dedicated to dramatically improve performance, engagement, and work-life satisfaction: BrainFIT Leader™, BrainFIT Team™, BrainFit Basic™ and soon to be released BrainFIT Online™. Resources include BrainFIT News™, LinkedIn: BrainFIT-Institute, #getbrainfit,

Urologist, Dr. Natan Davoudzadeh Joins NY Health

Urologist, Dr. Natan Davoudzadeh Joins NY Health
Port Jefferson Station, NY, October 19, 2019 --( New York Health is proud to announce that Dr. Natan Davoudzadeh, an esteemed, board-certified urologist, has joined their skilled team of experts in their fields. A urological surgeon, Dr. Davoudzadeh focuses on treating diseases of the genitourinary tract that can affect male and female patients of all ages. In addition to now practicing at New York Health, Dr. Davoudzadeh also has offices in Forest Hills, NY, and in Lawrence, NY.

He has extensive experience in treating urologic cancers for which he uses the most up-to-date, minimally-invasive techniques. Dr. Davoudzadeh is also highly skilled in dealing with prostate, kidney and testicular tumors. Some of the urologic conditions he commonly treats include hematuria, kidney stone disease, and overactive bladder.

Joining the New York Health team is something that Dr. Davoudzadeh has been eagerly anticipating. He views this as an opportunity to work together with other accomplished specialists to provide the best care for patients. “I have the opportunity to work alongside colleagues with a wealth of experience who are true experts in their respective fields, which will only enhance the type of care we can provide our patients,” Dr. Davoudzadeh said.

In striving for excellence in patient care while treating urological conditions, Dr. Davoudzadeh will be making use not only of minimally invasive approaches but also robotic and laparoscopic surgery. “I hope to be able to push forward the field of urology through cutting-edge research and innovation,” he said.

He takes a humanistic approach to treating patients, helping them to understand everything that is happening as it unfolds. “I care for each and every patient as if they were my own family member,” he said. “I truly believe that the health of my patients is of the utmost importance and I work diligently every day to improve their health with my medical knowledge and surgical skills.”

From the beginning, Dr. Davoudzadeh has set high standards for himself and the care that he provides. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with honors from Brandeis University while undertaking a double major in neuroscience and biology. Dr. Davoudzadeh also graduated in the top 1% of his medical school class at SUNY Downstate College of Medicine. During his residency in both general surgery and urology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, Dr. Davoudzadeh had the honor of serving as Chief Resident. His ensuing fellowship, also at Mount Sinai Hospital, was a unique one in Advanced Robotic and Minimally Invasive Surgery.

Currently, Dr. Davoudzadeh is affiliated with North Shore University Hospital, Mount Sinai Beth Israel, Metropolitan Lithotriptor Associates, PC, and South Nassau Communities Hospital. He is also associated with numerous esteemed national societies including the American College of Surgeons, the American Urological Association and the American Association of Clinical Urologists.

Link: ?utm_source=press&utm_medium=release&utm_campaign=DrNatanDavoudzadeh

To make an appointment with Dr. Davoudzadeh, please call 718-732-4033. For more information, please visit our website at

About NY Health

New York Health is becoming the premier network of healthcare physicians who are board-certified in their respective specialties. We offer services in internal medicine, nephrology, urology and now general, breast and colorectal surgery. We also offer services in physical therapy. Our mission is to always provide quality, compassionate care to each of our patients.

New Study Confirms TwitchView® Quantitative Monitor for Neuromuscular Blockade is Comparable to Gold Standard Mechanomyography

New Study Confirms TwitchView® Quantitative Monitor for Neuromuscular Blockade is Comparable to Gold Standard Mechanomyography
Seattle, WA, October 18, 2019 --( Blink Device Company announced today that a study comparing the TwitchView® quantitative train-of-four (TOF) electromyography-based monitor to accelerometry and mechanomyography has been published in the journal Anaesthesia ( The results demonstrate that the TwitchView monitor closely resembles mechanomyography, often considered to be the laboratory gold standard, while accelerometry frequently produces train-of-four ratio values > 1.0, complicating the interpretation of acceleromyography results in the clinical setting.

Justin Hulvershorn, MD, PhD, Blink’s CEO said, “Neuromuscular blocking drugs are used in almost 50% of surgeries. The literature shows that, in the absence of quantitative monitoring, nearly 4 out of every 10 patients will wake up from these surgeries with residual paralysis, which delays recovery and can lead to significant complications. To help prevent these complications, quantitative neuromuscular monitoring is becoming the standard of care when neuromuscular blocking agents are administered. In the past, monitors have been difficult to use and have not performed reliably. We developed the TwitchView to make quantitative TOF monitoring as accessible as monitoring other vital signs, like blood pressure or oxygen saturation.”

Andrew Bowdle, MD, PhD, the study’s lead author noted, “Our research team at the University of Washington has spent the last two years studying a wide range of quantitative TOF monitors, as well as using these monitors in routine patient care. TwitchView is very accurate and reliable, as shown in our study. Other devices that we tested had significant shortcomings. The TwitchView is very easy-to-use and, unlike acceleromyography, functions reliably even when the patient’s arm is tucked for surgery. We are in the process of implementing TwitchView in the UWMedicine hospitals as our standard for clinical care.”

About Blink Device Company

Blink Device Company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington and their products are proudly made in the USA. To learn more, visit

If you would like more information, please email Elise Hyman at

Biocair Awarded Contract to Deliver Urgent Medicines Into UK After Brexit

Biocair, along with two other companies, has been awarded a contract for the express freight service to deliver medicines and medical products within 24 to 48 hours if there's a no-deal Brexit.

New York, NY, October 18, 2019 --( Contracts have been awarded to UPS, DFDS and Biocair for the Department of Health and Social Care’s express freight service. The new service will help to ensure that patients and care providers have access to medicines and medical products after Brexit.

As part of the service, Biocair will be relied upon to transport vital medicines and medical products from the location they are produced to the point they are needed within 24 to 48 hours, to meet any urgent needs that might arise.

The express freight service provides access to Biocair's specialised express logistics networks that is capable of moving a wide range of medicines, devices and products required for the delivery of safe, high-quality care for patients across the UK.

Via this express freight service, the NHS will have access to:

• Next-day delivery on small consignments, including temperature-controlled or hazardous products
• 48-hour delivery for larger loads
• Specialist services, including hand-delivered courier services if needed

Biocair has extensive experience of operating logistics networks serving Europe and the UK using a mixture of air and road transport to support the express movement of products. As the only major speciality logistics provider in the UK that has a Combined Customs Simplifications/Security and Safety AEO certificate (AEOF), Biocair's role in the international supply chain is secure and operates efficient customs procedures, often exceeding EU and competitor standards.

Chris Cooke, Biocair CEO, comments, "Being awarded this contract is a true testament to the knowledge and the expertise of Biocair’s fantastic team in providing specialist logistics services to the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. In the event of a no-deal Brexit, Biocair will be one of the preferred logistics partners to transport medicines, devices and products across Europe and the UK. Biocair has prepared extensively for all possible scenarios of Brexit and has regularly kept its customers up to date with any updates, including hosting several Brexit workshops, creating a strategic Brexit team and investing in technology and personnel to manage the transition post Brexit. We are delighted to be working with the DHSC to ensure that patients and care providers have access to the medicines they need.”

For more information, contact or your local Biocair office.

Reliant Roofing, Solar, & Hurricane Shutters Reveals Their 2019 Every Shingle Heart Initiative Recipients

Jacksonville company reveal who receives free new roofs through its annual Every Shingle Heart program.

Reliant Roofing, Solar, & Hurricane Shutters Reveals Their 2019 Every Shingle Heart Initiative Recipients
Jacksonville, FL, October 18, 2019 --( Reliant is pleased to announce its Third Annual Every Shingle Heart Initiative Recipients. This program was created in 2017 as a way for the Jacksonville-based company to give back to the community by providing families and local organizations in need with new roofs. This year, they selected one local family and a large local non-profit organization.

The first local recipient is Betty. Adrienne Menzies, Director of Public Relations at Reliant stated, “She is one of the first recipients Reliant has ever had that was nominated by numerous people. That just goes to show the impact that Betty has had on her local community.” Betty is a nurse who has raised five girls as a single parent and has always put her children first. She is known around the neighborhood as "Ms. Betty," acting as a second mom to many of the kids. If anyone got injured, they knew to go see Ms. Betty. She's even volunteered out at the local penitentiary for many years helping inmates with medical needs. She has worked extremely hard, all on her own, to pay off her home, which she has owned and lived in for 47 years. She has never had much money to have a new roof put on. Unfortunately, Betty has been taken advantage of by numerous contractors. Twice, she's had roofers take her money and run. Recently, Betty lost one of her five children. Earlier this year, her mother passed away. Betty is 72 years old. Menzies said, “She has always gone out of her way to help everyone she can. It's time for her to be on the receiving side of a blessing! We can’t wait to help out Ms. Betty! She truly could not be more deserving of a free roof.”

The Non-Profit Organization that Reliant chose this year is Daniel Kids. They seek to ensure that our most vulnerable children and families are provided with the skills and support necessary to become resilient, healthy, contributing citizens. All Daniel programs are necessarily family-driven, culturally-competent, and trauma-focused, taking into consideration that many of the children they're serving have been exposed to some degree of trauma, including emotional/physical/sexual abuse, violence, neglect, abandonment, and fear. Reliant is providing a free roof replacement for their Woodcove Cottage. This cottage houses many young females, ranging from the ages of 5 to 17 who are in their Residential Mental Health Treatment Program. The Statewide In-Patient Psychiatric Program (SIPP) is an intensive residential treatment program for children exhibiting symptoms of severe mental health disorders. A team consisting of a psychiatrist, licensed therapist, behaviorist, nurse, and recreation specialist provides comprehensive mental health services including individual, group, family counseling, and psychiatric care. Of the 39 youth discharged during 2016-2017, 38 met their respective treatment goals and were safely integrated back into the community. Their motto is, “improving the odds for kids,” which totally captures the purpose of their mission “to provide quality services for youth and families.”

Reliant is also co-hosting a food drive for the Woodcove Cottage. Nonperishable food donations can be delivered to 4203 Southpoint Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32216, No later than Friday November 15, 2019. If you would like to help this holiday season, please contact:

The roof replacements are scheduled to be completed between Thanksgiving and Christmas of this year. In its inaugural year, Every Shingle Heart Initiative provided three deserving families with brand new roofs installed by Reliant. Last year the company selected 2 local families and a food pantry. The company plans to continue to grow its Every Shingle Heart Initiative well into the future and try to help as many people as possible. CEO Sean Shapiro says, “We were thrilled with the success of our first Every Shingle Heart Initiative in 2017 and 2018. The way the community and other businesses came together was truly inspiring. Seeing their reaction over the years and the relief they felt at having new, safe and dry roofs only reinforced our commitment to our community with Every Shingle Heart.”

For more information about Every Shingle Heart and Reliant, please visit, or call 904-635-2757

Varicose Veins Doctors in New York Offer Advanced Treatments for Spider Veins on the Face

Varicose Veins Doctors is a trusted vein treatment clinic in Manhattan, NY. The clinic has made a name for itself by offering exceptional patient care and a selection of effective treatment options for vein diseases. Their teams of experts use state-of-the-art equipment to perform complex procedures for pain relief.

New York, NY, October 18, 2019 --( The leading varicose veins treatment center offers relief to patients with spider veins on the face.

An estimated 20–25 million Americans have varicose veins. In the US, 17% of men and 33% of women are currently living with this condition.

While varicose veins are common in the legs, they can appear on the face as well. Varicose Veins Doctors, a leading center in New York, offers exceptional treatments for spider veins and other vein conditions.

Some of the conditions they treat include, but are not limited to: chronic venous disease, lymphedema, Pulmonary Embolism (PE), and Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT).

They offer a myriad of modern treatments, including sclerotherapy, laser ablation, radiofrequency ablation, as well as VenaSeal and ClariVein to treat varicose veins.

Varicose veins are unsightly, but that’s not the only issue they pose, or the primary one. If left untreated, they can become painful to deal with. While they’re most likely to develop in the ankles and legs, it’s not uncommon for them to develop on the face.

"We use the latest technology to eliminate spider veins. Our treatments are safe and non-invasive, making them pain-free,” commented a spokesperson of the center, talking about how they help eliminate the problem through innovative solutions and pain-free methods.

If left untreated, the infected area can become painful and swollen. For those who have varicose veins on their face, it becomes difficult to chew, move their face, and breathe properly. The pain becomes unbearable and their face swells.

What makes Varicose Veins Doctors popular is that their treatments are quick. Their procedures take 30–45 minutes, after which, patients can return to their usual activities within 24 hours.

“We offer multiple procedures and treatments. Our team first analyzes the type of condition the patient has before we devise a treatment plan. This allows us to offer them treatments that work best for their condition,” commented the spokesperson, talking about their treatment plans and how they devise them based on the patient’s condition.

The clinic offers procedures such as sclerotherapy, vein treatments, ClariVein, laser ablation, radiofrequency ablation, VenaSeal and other effective procedures. Its treatments can help with varicose veins, spider veins, leg swelling, venous insufficiency, leg heaviness and restless leg syndrome.

Appointments can be made using the below information.

BWHI President & CEO Linda Goler Blount Contributes to Groundbreaking Study Uncovering Racial Disparity in Medical Appointment Scheduling

Machine Learning in Medical Appointment Scheduling Causes Racial Disparity in Access to Care But Doesn’t Have to

BWHI President & CEO Linda Goler Blount Contributes to Groundbreaking Study Uncovering Racial Disparity in Medical Appointment Scheduling
Atlanta, GA, October 18, 2019 --( Appointment scheduling in medical provider offices is one of the most common ways patients access needed health services. Yet a new paper, Overbooked and Overlooked: Machine Learning and Racial Bias in Medical Appointment Scheduling suggests that racial bias in electronic health records systems’ patient scheduling algorithms may contribute to an already inequitable healthcare experience by overbooking Black patients.

This study, led by Santa Clara University data scientist, Michele Samorani, was conducted by an interdisciplinary team of fellow data scientists, Shannon Harris of Virginia Commonwealth University and Haibing Lu of Santa Clara, a public health expert Linda Goler Blount of BWHI, and a business ethicist, Michael Santoro of Santa Clara University, is the first to measure and address racial disparities that take place in appointment scheduling.

According to the paper, machine learning, employed in appointment scheduling to identify patients with the greatest no-show risk, uses mathematical formulas to optimize the provider’s schedule and reduce clinic costs by eliminating provider overtime and idle periods. As a result, patients the algorithm predicts as having a high no-show probability, are double booked to reduce the impact of no-shows on clinic operations. While overbooking leads to longer wait times and frustration for patients, what the authors found was startling: in a large specialty clinic, black patients were more likely to be overbooked than white patients.

In response, the authors developed an algorithm that completely eliminates racial disparity in scheduling with no significant increase in cost when compared to the traditional predictive overbooking framework.

“What was amazing about our results is that the elimination of racial disparity comes at no cost. Our methodology is very good at quickly finding these near-optimal schedules,” said Michele Samorani, Assistant Professor, Information Systems and Analytics at the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University and lead author on the paper. “This clearly indicates that there is no reason to for a group of patients to have longer waiting times for the sake of efficiency.”

Overbooking not only leads to longer wait times, it is also associated with negative patient service experiences. The paper suggests that these negative experiences can lead to the lack of patient engagement and even more no-shows to future appointments thus, even more overbooking.

Linda Goler Blount, President and CEO of The Black Women’s Health Imperative, and one of the paper’s authors, agrees. "The development and application of technology are not without bias and not only perpetuate but can, in fact, cause negative patient experiences leading to worsening patient outcomes and disparities," said Blount.

Overbooked and Overlooked reviewed several models to seek solutions that could level the playing field for patients. The report suggests that there are ways that scheduling can be a win-win for systems and the patients they serve, and they should be explored.

Phlebotomy Career Training Celebrates 11 Years of Distance Education

Phlebotomy Career Training was the first school in the nation to offer distance education for Phlebotomy classes. Over the past 11 years they have redeveloped their curriculum and the mode of online learning to simulate the classroom experience for the online learner.

Phlebotomy Career Training Celebrates 11 Years of Distance Education
Garden City, MI, October 17, 2019 --( Phlebotomy Career Training has one of the foremost online educational programs in the nation. Professor Kimmel, the school administrator noted, "We have come a long way since 2009. The online programs which we offer to students have to be as scholastically similar to the in class experience as possible. This can be a challenge. That is why the school has used their resources to include life-like practice training arms and supplies for all online students, as well as video conferencing and live podcasts."

Phlebotomy Career Training specializes not only in phlebotomy training but other skills such as medical assistant, pharmacy technician and dialysis technician. Their longevity is due in part to their ability to change with the times. As with any business there are ups and downs. It is refreshing to know that Phlebotomy Career Training has been able to stay afloat next to the major online universities. When asked how the school and staff plan to celebrate their 11 years of success, the staff coordinator replied, "We are going to send out thank you cards to all our students and include a $100 discount for returning students who want to take other courses that we offer."

The staff was definitely upbeat with the prospect of going into their 11th year of operation. There are new things on the horizon for Phlebotomy Career Training. When asked what was the next goal they they wanted to achieve, Alex one of the counselors replied, "most definitely, accreditation for distance education." According to the administrators, they are now in the intermediate step of accreditation. When asked what does this mean for the future of Phlebotomy Career Training? Professor Kimmel stated, "This means that we will be in business yet another 11 years, hopefully." When Phlebotomy Career Training first opened its doors to the local residents of Garden City they had a small group of students.

They now have expanded to online education throughout the U.S. and other parts of the world. Students from Jordan, Korea and a host of other countries come to Phlebotomy Career Training to earn their certifications in the various health care fields.

According to professor Kimmel, "I believe that providing the accrediting national exams to both our US students and foreign students is a positive step in helping them find employment. We are truly fortunate to be recognized by not one or two, but three national accrediting testing organizations." The mood at Phlebotomy Career Training today was very positive. They had a 4 tier layer cake designed in the shape of a phlebotomy study guide. There was coffee, soda and pizza provided for all the staff and students who attended the event as well as the reporters. Phlebotomy Career Training will report again on their next milestone down the road, hopefully with accreditation.

Texas Hospice Discusses Considering Hospice Care for Cancer Patients

Akron, OH, October 17, 2019 --( Harbor Light Hospice, a Texas hospice care provider, recently published a blog discussing hospice care for cancer patients. Understanding what hospice care entails can help caregivers better consider their options for terminally ill cancer patients.

Hospice care for cancer patients focuses primarily on patients that are in the later stages of cancer and need specific care for unique symptoms and emotional effects. This also means any additional equipment or medication necessary. Hospice nurses will visit your loved one's living space on a regular basis to maintain pain management and help them participate in daily activities to keep them happy and socializing. Hospice social workers are there to assist with any finance, paperwork, or emotional aspects of the family or the patient.

Hospice care should be highly considered for cancer patients when there are only six months left for a person with a terminal illness. If your loved one needs help with the basic tasks of daily living, or has a serious medical condition in addition to cancer that may shorten their survival, they will qualify for hospice care. If your love one's own wishes are to stop curative treatment or remain out of the hospital if the disease gets worse, they can also qualify for hospice care. Hospice care dramatically improves the patient's life as well as the family surrounding the patient. Mental health and independence can be maintained during this tough transition as well as overall comfortability. Hospice care also acts as a valuable source of information to answer any pertinent questions about care methods and doctor communication.

Speak to Harbor Light Hospice for more information about hospice care for cancer patients. Harbor Light provides customized, comprehensive hospice care to patients and their families, offering a wide range of therapies and treatment to support the mental, physical, and spiritual needs of each. The facility's Bedford campus is located at 801 Forest Ridge Dr, Suite 100, Bedford, TX 76022. Harbor Light Hospice can be contacted by phone at 817-358-4777 or online at