About False Creek

WELL Health Medical & Longevity Centre, formerly known as False Creek Wellness & Diagnostics, is your go-to destination for cutting-edge medical services aimed at ensuring a longer, healthier, and more vibrant life. Established in 2009, the clinic has been a trusted partner for British Columbians, organizations, and research facilities.

In December 2022, WELL Health Technologies took the reins and in October 2023, the clinic transformed into the first-ever WELL Health Medical & Longevity Centre. Boasting a team of highly-trained physicians and radiologists, we offer a seamless one-clinic experience for those seeking comprehensive health assessments and diagnostic services.

Our multi-specialty medical centre specializes in executive health and longevity assessments, heart health evaluations, and an array of diagnostic imaging services such as MRI, CT, CT angiogram, x-ray, ultrasound, echocardiogram, biopsy, interventional radiology, and pain management. Notably, our 3T MRI, one of only three privately owned units in British Columbia, provides clients with unparalleled detailed imaging, ensuring faster scans and more accurate results.

As a testament to our commitment to excellence, the Vancouver Canucks have chosen us as their official medical service provider. We’re thrilled to be part of their medical team, delivering state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging and assessments for players, coaches, and management. When it comes to your health and longevity, WELL Health Medical & Longevity Centre is leading the way with innovation and expertise.

Visit https://welllongevity.ca/ for more information.


Care I Wish

Discover unparalleled NDIS disability support services tailored to empower and enhance lives. Explore our Supported Independent Living (SIL) Vacancies and Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Vacancies for personalized care. For inquiries, reach out through our Contact Us page. Join our dedicated team and explore rewarding opportunities with us – check out our Careers page. Your journey to compassionate care and support starts here.

About Bodied

Bodied, located in East London, isn’t your average massage studio. Nope, it’s a whole vibe – a spot where massage therapy isn’t just about relaxation, it’s about diving into the depths of what your body needs. Inspired by science and philosophy, Bodied is all about making the benefits of massage accessible to everyone, especially the Global Majority communities.

It’s not your typical spa, salon, or clinic. Think of it as the cool intersection where physical and neurological perks of bodywork meet. Whether you’re a newbie to the whole massage scene or practically a pro, Bodied caters to all. They’ve got an arsenal of techniques, from deep tissue to prenatal massages, ready to tackle everything from stress knots to postural aches.

And it’s not just about feeling good; it’s about healing and managing stuff like joint pain, muscle tension, and even pregnancy-related discomfort. The therapists at Bodied aren’t just skilled; they’re like wizards in the art of kneading away those aches and pains.

Most importantly, they want everyone to feel at home. Whether you’re there for a relaxing rubdown or to target specific issues, their goal is to make their East London spot a safe and inclusive space for all. Want in on this experience? Trust me, it’s a journey your body will thank you for.

Aster Whitefield Bangalore

Aster Whitefield, a part of the DM Healthcare chain is among the best hospitals in Bangalore that provides a world-class, patient-centric environment. Driven by medical innovation and a culture of excellence, Aster Whitefield provides a serene ambience, spacious interiors, advanced medical facilities, and the best doctors, that strive to achieve the best clinical outcomes and patient experience. Aster Whitefield, which is a state-of-the-art facility, offers comprehensive primary care to quaternary care services. We aspire to achieve excellent clinical standards ensuring that we keep raising the benchmark of our standards. The dedicated team of doctors are highly skilled and revered around the region for their expertise. 


About Integrative Health Centre

Looking for a natural health clinic that truly cares about your well-being? Look no further than Integrative Health Centre! At our clinic, we’re dedicated to offering effective healthcare with a focus on compassion, service, lifestyle education, and natural health therapies. We believe in the power of education and the importance of teaching our patients about their health.

But that’s not all! We’ve recently joined forces with the Healing Bridge Chiropractic Clinic to provide you with the most comprehensive care possible. Now, at Integrative Health Centre, you can access a range of services, including Naturopathic, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Your first visit to our clinic involves a thorough assessment, including a general information form and a detailed discussion about your health concerns, diet, energy levels, and more. We also conduct physical exams and testing procedures to understand your unique needs.

Education is at the heart of what we do. We take the time to explain what’s happening in your body and work with you to design a customized program, incorporating lifestyle changes and supplements to achieve your desired results. Plus, our full-service medicinary offers a wide range of high-quality products, many of which are not available in local health stores.

So, if you’re seeking holistic, personalized care in the world of alternative medicine, Integrative Health Centre is your go-to destination. Experience the difference in healthcare with us today!



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At Merakk, we aspire to create a healthier, vibrant world by inviting more people into self-care and self-love.Our products are made with full transparency in a facility in the United States using core ingredients that are research-backed. We are a client-driven organization that wants to build a community of health and wellness around our holistic oral products and integrative medicinal practices. 


About Rxmart

 Welcome to RXMart, your ultimate destination in the pharmaceutical realm! RXMart has ushered in a new era for independent pharmacies throughout the United States. Picture this: a cutting-edge online marketplace where pharmacies seamlessly trade non-controlled, non-expired overstock medications precisely tailored to individual patient needs. That’s the groundbreaking service RXMart provides.


Our platform isn’t just technology; it’s a community-driven initiative backed by exceptional customer care. We’re not merely a marketplace; we’re a dedicated community striving to enhance patient care and bolster the profitability of independent pharmacies. With a vast network of thousands of members, RXMart effortlessly connects independent pharmacies, expanding their reach like never before.


RXMart is more than just a name; it’s a comprehensive solution. It’s the epicenter where pharmacy professionals from coast to coast gather to enhance their operational efficiency, reduce pharmaceutical waste, and generate additional revenue by efficiently managing surplus and incomplete prescription drugs. What sets us apart is our commitment to being more than just a Pharmacy Wholesaler; we’re a dependable partner in every pharmacy’s success story.


Moreover, with the integration of Match RX, RXMart offers an unparalleled experience in trading medications. By bringing pharmacies closer and ensuring reliable transactions, RXMart and MatchRX together create a synergy that fosters trust, efficiency, and profitability. Join us at RXMart, where innovation meets community, and together, we redefine the future of pharmacy operations.