Salón de belleza SaoSpa ubicado en el Centro Comercial Paseo Quilín de la Cooperativa Peñalolén, a un par de pasos del metro Quilín. Desde 2007, nuestro salón ofrece a sus clientes la mejor calidad de servicios con largos períodos de participación en el campo del cuidado de la belleza. Visite nuestro salón para disfrutar de nuestros servicios.



Prihoda Croatia d.o.o.

We are a medium size company that manufactures textile ducts and diffusers. The headquarters of our company is located in the small town of Hlinsko, Czech Republic where the textile industry has a long tradition. From there, we export our products to all continents and to more than 70 countries. We are among the largest manufacturers of canvas channels in the world. Founded in 1994, Revenue Company is still owned by its founder Zdeněk Příhoda.


Boho Convention

Bohemian Convention is a passion project that started with a vision like most dreams do. As an interior designer, I couldn’t help but notice the constant demand for Berber Moroccan rugs in the furniture and home decor scenes, so I wanted to share with the rest of the world the magnificent pieces of art I grew up seeing in almost every home and help this rich indigenous culture carried by Berber women to reach foreign lands.