Seek Reality: Craig Hogan Talks About Life in the Afterlife

Embark on a transcendent expedition with Dr. R. Craig Hogan, a visionary in afterlife research and president of and the Afterlife Research and Education Institute, Inc. (AREI). Through their meticulous examination of primary materials, Dr. Hogan and Roberta offer a compelling narrative on the nature of existence beyond death, revealing a landscape of boundless possibilities and eternal truths. Their journey delves deep into the essence of consciousness, unveiling the interconnections of souls and the continuity of existence beyond the physical realm. They paint a vivid picture of a realm where love and understanding reign supreme, where souls find solace and growth in the infinite expanse of the afterlife. Their research bridges the gap between the known and the unknown, offering glimpses into the mysteries that await beyond the mortality threshold. Join them as they navigate the enigmatic realms of eternity, illuminating the path to spiritual enlightenment and awakening.