World’s largest weddings

In 1993 60,000 people attended Aharon Mordechai Rokeach and Batya Paneth’s wedding in Jerusalem, making the world’s largest wedding.

The couple is part of two famous families in the ultra-orthodox Jewish community named Belz.

Aharon Mordechai was born to Rabbi Yissachar Dov Rokeach and Sarah Hager, after 10 years of marriage. His birth was a cause for great celebration in the Belz jewish dynasty, as it meant that the dynasty would continue to be passed down within the Rokeach family.

The wedding took place in the great Synagogue in Kiryat Balz, Jerusalem.

Although 60,000 people attended the ceremony – “only” 30,000 people were invited to the wedding reception.Decoration, food and drinks tend to be minimal in such large scale events.

I such events the wedding starts with a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony called Chuppa, named after the Hebrew word for canopy.
The couple, along with the close family are all getting under one canopy that symbolizes the union of marriage.

Ultra-orthodox wedding tent to be bigger the other Jewish wedding, combined with hours of dancing and a lot of interesting traditions .one of them is the mitzvah-tentz.

The great Rabbi (Jewish leader) of the community dances with the bride. But as we know Jewish girls have to be modest and when attending wedding in Jerusalem guys won’t not see them dance.

So Rabbi and the bride hold into one piece of long fabric and while the Rabbi dances happily the bride stands still.
This can all look odd the outsiders but this act folds years of tradition into in.

The world had another huge wedding in the year 2000. this time it was mostly online.

450,000 people got married on February 14th, 2000, in one wedding in South Korea. The ceremony was held in a stadium in Seoul. While “only” 20,000 people arrived to the stadium the other 430,000 people got married via internet and satellite.

The priest, Sun Myung Moon, Is the head and spiritual leader of the Unification Church. By the churches belief people don’t get to choose who they will get married to rather the church makes the decision for them. In this case, most of the people that got married that day met they future partner for the first time.

more then 4.5 million people follow the believes of the church making this wedding into 10% of the priest followers wedding day.

This is truly amazing !