99 Technologies

99 Technologies partners with your team to develop a 360-degree approach. We fill your workforce gaps with Staff Augmentation and the resources that you desire. Our goal is to make your workforce more productive and effective at every task. That is why our resource pool is one of the best in the region. We help you achieve some impressive feats you could have not achieved alone. We believe the people are the reason for success, not strategies.

Adress: 2815 EAGANDALE BLVD EAGAN,MN 55121, United States

Contact Us:  1 (650) 419-3756

Email:  info@99technologies.com


Working Hours:

Monday 9:30 am–3 am
Tuesday 9:30 am–3 am
Wednesday 9:30 am–3 am
Thursday 9:30 am–3 am
Friday 9:30 am–3 am
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed