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OJS Cloud

We use the world-renowned open-source platform Open Journal System (OJS) to host open-access journal websites. Our ready-to-use OJS Theme is easy to install and allows you to establish your open-access journal website quickly. 

Our expert team will make your website live in two weeks. We offer 99.98% server uptime. We also provide many plugins for extending the functionality of websites hosted on OJS. 

We provide major OJS upgrades for free. In addition, we offer extra value-added services like the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) facility, along with the basic journal setup and OJS Migration Services. All in all, one can say that OJSCLoud is a one-stop solution for open-access journal websites that provides end-to-end support.


Mobile App Development Dallas – iQlance

Everything we do at our Dallas software development company is of the highest caliber, as we handpick the best experts from a variety of industries to ensure that the services we provide are exceptional.

iQlance is among the Top Software Companies in Dallas because we don’t only focus on IT but rather on our clients’ core businesses, to exceed their wildest dreams.

We at iQlance are a close-knit family dedicated to the highest ethical standards. In the business sector, our company is a model of transparency and accountability. We aspire to establish and keep long-lasting friendships based on honesty, open communication, and trust.

iQlance software and app development in Dallas can help you revitalize your business. A group of the industry’s top App developers Dallas team of digital solutions experts are committed to learning about your business and creating software that helps you achieve your goals. 

Best Ready Made White Label OpenSea Clone!

OpenSea is the biggest digital marketplace for NFTs and crypto. The platform is highly secured with Smart Contracts as it is a decentralized platform based on Blockchain. OpenSea Clone is one of the perfect and innovative clones of the real OpenSea platform. 100% customizable and that brings you the advantage of integrating any feature you feel is required and gaining a competitive edge over rivals. 

At OyeLabs you will get uninterrupted support and maintenance from highly talented experts and that too 24/7. 

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Mobile App development Company in New York – iQlance

If you are looking for the Best app development company in New York, then you have found the best platform. iQlance is the answer for every business need as we have a team of the best app developers in New York. Nowadays, the mobile app is an essential need to promote any business on different platforms.  

Our Mobile App developers in NYC are well-equipped to apply these tools and approaches to solving your business’s challenges and delivering superior web and mobile user experiences.

Services we offer:

Our experienced developers can craft apps for almost every platform like iOS, e-commerce, enterprise, Android, React Native etc. Now, it’s time to give competition to your business rivals. 

In the search for a suitable Software Development Company in New York, it is important to take into account the current technology stack in use. 

Incompatible and unable to produce the expected results, outdated tools, and equipment are a hindrance. That’s why we at iQlance stay up-to-date with the latest web and mobile technologies, such as:  

A.) Mobile App Development 

ios App Development
Hybrid App Development
Android App Development
Native App Development
Custom App Development
Flutter App Development

B.) Web Development

Website Design
Responsive Web Development
E-commerce Software Solutions
Custom Software Development
Microsoft Development
ERP/CRM Solutions

C.) Enterprise Solutions

Infra and DevOps

We are able to meet deadlines and meet client expectations because of the time and material models that we use.

CA Digital – seo ontario

Canadian businesses in Ontario can get SEO services from CA Digital. To ensure that your needs for search engine optimization are addressed, our team of experts provides comprehensive solutions. The main goals of SEO services in Ontario are to increase a website’s visibility through natural search engine results, drive up traffic and income potential, and increase online conversions. With the help of our data-driven tactics and extensive market knowledge, we can offer incredibly effective and affordable solutions that actually produce results. In order to raise the ranking of clients’ websites, CA Digital has a demonstrated track record of success. This has led to significant increases in visibility, website traffic, and sales leads. Thus, if you want to maximise your online visibility and gain from your efforts to segment the market, our service is here to get you there.


SQL Database Modeler

SQL Database Modeler is an advanced relational database design and modeling tool. It supports all industry-standard modeling notations, including ERwin and Rational Rose. The software helps create a variety of 3rd party output formats – from UML to XML, HTML and Microsoft Word documents.