SmartPad System

The SmartPad System is the culmination of extensive development efforts initiated around 2013. It was born out of the recognition of the limitations inherent in all alternative solutions, especially the epoxied-on version of the FRP wear pads. The SmartPads themselves are crafted from the same dependable materials and tried-and-true manufacturing processes of the FRP pads, featuring layers of continuous strand mat impregnated with high-quality vinyl ester resin. This lineage underscores the SmartPads’ reliability and durability, with decades of proven use to substantiate their effectiveness.
The system as a whole incorporates pre-existing components, each boasting a well-established history, technical specifications, and extensive testing conducted by their respective manufacturers. This track record has instilled confidence in early adopters, motivating them to embrace the system’s design and anticipated performance parameters.

Early adopters encompass a diverse array of entities, spanning aging facilities to brand-new offshore platforms, primarily concentrated in or near the Gulf of Mexico. The SmartPads are specifically tailored to cater to the needs of coastal and offshore platforms, along with facilities exposed to a high risk of corrosion due to environmental or manufacturing factors. Prominent early adopters, as of 2023, include industry leaders such as Chevron, Formosa Plastics, and Nutrien.