Marble Slab

About Marble Slab


Indulge in the sweet symphony of happiness with Marble Slab Creamery! Since 1983, we’ve been serving up joy, one scoop at a time. Hailing from Houston, Texas, we brought the revolutionary “frozen slab” ice cream concept to Canada in 2003, making our debut in Calgary, Alberta. Fast forward a decade, and now we’ve spread our delight from British Columbia to Nova Scotia, with stores coast to coast!


Our mission? Simple. To serve happiness daily, offering top-notch customer service and the finest handmade ice cream. We believe in creating a workplace that fosters creativity, enthusiasm, personal growth, and financial success. And guess what? You can now order our delectable creations online and pick them up at your nearest store.


Whether you’re craving our pre-packed ice cream, popular cakes, or want to unleash your creativity with custom cakes and ice cream litres, Marble Slab has you covered. We take pride in being the pioneers of slab ice cream in Canada, continuing to craft the best ice cream using quality ingredients. Visit your nearest Marble Slab and let the happiness unfold!