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  • Avere Beauty

    Based in Lawrenceville in Pittsburgh, Avere Beauty is a luxury med spa run by clinicians and medical professionals. We offer facial rejuvenation and self-care treatments to enhance your looks and confidence. Our affordable skincare routines include Botox injections to reduce facial fine lines and wrinkles, to treat chronic migraine headaches, and to prevent hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. You can also get Jeuveau and Juvederm injections as dermal fillers, the former to reduce frown lines and the latter to redefine your lips. Plus, we offer laser hair removal treatment, and Kybella treatment to improve your profile. You can order the FDA-approved Latisse online or pick it up from our office. The Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution has clinically proven to be effective for increasing eyelash lengths. You can visit us at our office by appointment for the skincare sessions, or get in-home injections. In addition to creating a custom care plan for you, we can tailor a personalized noiseless and tranquil experience for you. Not only that, but we will also inform you about what to expect from the treatment you choose, and advise you on the steps you should take before and after your appointment. For instance, you should refrain from drinking alcohol for at least 24 hours before the treatment, not apply any makeup for at least 12 hours prior, and minimize your exposure to the sun. After the session, you should remain upright for up to six hours, avoid steamy baths, and avoid touching or rubbing the injection site. You can also make frequent facial expressions to achieve optimal results. To know more about our skincare and beauty health products and services, please visit us at & Butler Street SuitePittsburgh, Pennsylvania15201, USA412-952-7592

  • Nourished Union

    Nourished Union is an online community of wellness coaches and practitioners for holistic health. We have multiple wellness programs to support and improve your health. Our dedicated and certified trainers will incorporate wellness into your daily routine. We also have wellness speakers for workshops. We provide corporate wellness coaching so that living well becomes a way of life.

  • International Journal Of Multidisciplinary Research And Studies

    International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research And Studies is a universal platform that allows researchers, professionals, and understudies to submit their research journals on all topics. IJMRAS is the only platform that distributes top-notch work we welcome articles from various locales over the globe.0

  • Sleep Advantage

    A career switch to Dentistry led Dr Alan Erickson to Baltimore MD, where he graduated with a DDS degree in 1996. There, he received the prestigious AGD award voted on by the faculty. After a year long General Dentistry residency at the VA Hospital in Baltimore, He returned to Arlington WA, where He purchased the long time practice of his uncle, Dr. Jack Erickson.After 18 years of General Dentistry, his interest shifted to treating sleep apnea patients with oral appliance therapy. In April of 2016, he opened a new practice, Sleep Advantage, which is dedicated solely to Oral Appliance Therapy.

  • McLean Healthy Smiles

    McLean Healthy Smiles offers oral health services with advanced dental technology at their dental office in McLean, VA. While our primary focus is on preventive dental care, we undertake aesthetic dental treatment to keep your teeth looking healthy and well. We use digital scans, digital X-rays, and diagnostic models to assess the state of your teeth, rotary endodontics for root canals, and nitrous oxide sedation, if necessary, for painless dentistry. In addition to routine dental cleaning services like scaling and root planing, we can provide fluoride and sealant treatments to strengthen your teeth, Philips Zoon teeth whitening to keep your smile bright, periodontal treatment for healthier gums, and ViziLite® Plus screening for oral cancer. We can fit you with a customized mouthguard to help protect your teeth and gums during sports and to prevent Bruxism or teeth-grinding during sleep at night. To replace missing teeth, we offer partial and full dentures, and single and multiple teeth implants. Most of our dental treatments require one to three visits. For adult and pediatric dental emergencies, we can schedule early morning, evening, and weekend appointments, and our emergency dental services include dental bonding, fillings, veneers, crowns, dental bridge repairs, root canals, tooth extraction, and treatment of gum problems. For more information about our oral health services, please visit and Elm Street, #500,McLean, Virginia,22101, USA703-356-5330

  • Dulac Dental of Springfield

    Dulac Dental of Springfield performs all its dental procedures using the most modern technology and advanced materials. I, Dr. Jason W. Dulac, aims at helping people taking care of their beautiful smiles and ensure that smile lasts forever. I strive to offer a broad range of dental services and works closely with specialists I trust in each area to provide you with the best possible dental care. All dental treatments such as dental implants placement and restoration, Invisalign, root canals, cad/cam – cerec, endodontics, bleaching, ceramic laminates (veneers), 3d x-ray / cbct, dentures, general dentistry, cosmetic restorations, laser dental treatment are done by expert dentists under one roof. I have years of experience and advanced training in extensive dental areas. I am able to perform most procedures at the clinic without the need to refer you to a specialist. At Dulac Dental of Springfield, it is our priority to create a warm, comfortable, and welcoming environment for our patients, and deliver minimally invasive treatment with the best knowledge and care. We use only the best novelties and try to make every patient’s visit the most comfortable and painless. To know more about our services, visit us at & 6124 Brandon Avenue, Springfield, VA, 22150, USA0

  • wisp, Inc.

    Wisp, Inc. provides you with a convenient solution to access primary medical care even without insurance. With a team of US-licensed and Board-certified physicians and partner pharmacies, we help you avoid long waiting hours for doctor’s appointments. Our online store offers 24/7 medical support and medication for cold sore, genital herpes, yeast infection, UTI, bacterial vaginosis, birth control, emergency contraception, etc. We value your privacy and delivers medications at your doorstep in discreet packaging. With a few clicks, you can complete a short online form, and our expert physician will contact you in 24 hours. We also help you avoid doctor’s fees by writing a prescription when deemed appropriate and safe. The FDA-approved drugs are delivered without any additional cost, or you can also collect it from your local pharmacy on the same day. With wisp, you can request a COVID blood test at Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp lab of your choice and access the results online. For more details, visit our online store at & Great Highway, #9,San Francisco, California,94116, USA949-793-0547

  • Benoit Morin

    I'm Benoit Morin, a French-Canadian health care executive who wants to make a difference and make a positive impact on my community. I am deeply motivated by the opportunity to utilize my leadership skills and my skills for the continuous improvement of our health systems. My motivation is to maintain their universal access, optimize their business model, stimulate key partnerships, and promote the expertise and knowledge that distinguish the best systems in the world.Follow : 

  • Synapse Health and Fitness

    Looking for the best personal training in Calgary? Synapse is the leading provider of movement assessments, post-rehab services, and movement therapy. Call our gym trainers now at 403.816.6093 and get a free quote.


     Established in 2001 and headquartered in Irvine, California, operates HealthBanks Biotech (USA) and its sister stem cell banking companies around the world. Along with possessing FDA registration and a State of California Department of Health license, we comply with the current AABB standards for cell therapy, the California Health and Safety Code, the California Business and Professional Code, and the California Code of Regulations. Our California license allows us to do blood, tissue, clinical testing, and biologics, and the New York license permits tissue banking. A leader and innovator in the cell banking industry, we are the only US-based company to offer stem cell, immune cell, and cord blood banking services. Using premium automation technology and the BioArchive® liquid nitrogen cryopreservation and storage system, we can preserve umbilical cord blood stem cells, umbilical cord tissue stem cells, and immune cells for an indefinite period. The benefit of banking stem cells and immune cells early on is that the decision will enable you and your family to prevent and treat chronic health conditions that might arise as your natural immune system weakens with age. Our $19.99 cord blood bank makes the benefit of cord blood banking available to every child. By performing cord blood transplants, it is now possible to treat over 80 diseases, including cancers and metabolic, immune system, and blood disorders. The use of immune cells has revolutionized immunotherapy forms like CAR T-cell therapy against some forms of leukemia and lymphoma. Further advances in stem cell research and cell and gene therapies may lead to treatments for many other currently incurable health conditions. To know more about our stem cell and immune cell banking services, visit us at & Technology Drive, Suite 150, Irvine, CA, 92618, USA888-379-2670

  • Synergy Global Hospital

    Synergy Global Hospital is the best multi specialty hospital in Ranchi that is widely recognized as the best hospital in Ranchi with state-of-the-art facilities and round-the-clock healthcare services for various chronic diseases. 

  • Sun Stream Saunas

    Are you concerned about your health? Sun stream saunas may be the best thing you can do to improve your lifestyle. Our heaters and saunas are easy to use and may be mounted on walls to suit your needs for an unforgettable saunas London experience. Our saunas are designed to be efficient and simple to operate, allowing you to sweat more effectively. Our high-quality infrared radiant heat is distributed throughout the body, improving circulation and resulting in refreshed skin. Choose the best saunas in Liverpool to make your investment worthwhile. check out our website-

  • The Dental Express Point Loma

    Point Loma San Diego Dentist | Dental ExpressWith respect and compassion, our dentists and staff at Dental Express Point Loma strive to provide their community with the best dental care possible.Address: 4110 West Point Loma Blvd San Diego, CA 92110, United StatesPhone no: 619-701-6622website: links:   

  • Live Particle

    A Melbourne-based embodied education provider for personal and professional self-determination, creativity and wellbeing. Classes, courses, workshops and resources that develop an embodied practice are delivered in-person, virtually and online. Embodied practices are multi-sensory, experiential and often non-verbal. They focus on what we hear, sense, touch, feel and imagine rather than just what we say and think to support personal, community and planetary sustainability.0

  • Heaven On Earth LLC

    Home and Community Based Service-Adult Mental Health Program from Heaven On Earth care LLC provides Residential Options, Assisted Living, Respite Care, Registered Nursing, Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services, Peer Support, Adaptive Aids.

  • 18care India

    18care India deals with the most reasonable and authentic online sex toys for men and women, such as pocket pussy for men, hollow strap on dildo, 8-inch penis sleeve, pennis enlargement pump, and many more products. For more information call us or visit our website. We do discrete shipping all over India.0

  • Rama Rehab – Best Rehabilitation and De Addiction Centre in Delhi

    Rama Rehab is one of the most reliable de addiction centre in Delhi offers a wide range of services to drug and alcohol addicts in our Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi. As the chief Rehabilitation Center India-wide, We used different progressed methods, cutting edge hardware, and most recent restoration treatment strategies to treat patients with compulsion issues. rama rehab is a standout amongst other Rehab centre in Delhi. We offer medication, liquor and substance misuse treatment at reasonable costs. Call Us 93194584440

  • Medical Cannabis Clinics of Florida

    Medicine is an art and a science. The art pertains to the unique doctor patient relation and trust that is paramount to medical care. We at the Medical Cannabis or marijuana Clinics of Florida bring this art and science to serve you.https://mccfl.com0

  • Better Life Mart

    Better Life Mart offers certified high quality multicolor disposable medical mask. Our masks are comfortable for long-time wearing. Find your kn95 respirator, coronavirus, FDA-approved Disposable Medical Face Mask, for a custom fit.

  • Pilgrim Soul

    Pilgrim Soul is a mission-driven company focused on optimizing human creative performance to gain a competitive edge in business and life. We collaborate with top creative minds to create products and content that facilitates enhanced creative thinking. The 'Pilgrim Soul Original Creative Thinking Journal' is the highest selling product. It was conceived to be used while high. The guided journal is filled with over 50 creative thinking exercises that will provide hours of fun, increase creativity, and build more productive habits.0

  • AlphaBiolabs

    AlphaBiolabs is award-winning DNA, drug & alcohol testing laboratory. The company is accredited to the demanding ISO 17025 standard, meaning that they can provide legal testing that will stand up in court. Approved by the UK government and Ministry of Justice, and trusted by legal professionals, social workers and immigration lawyers through the UK. Relationship DNA tests include paternity testing, maternity testing, sibling, twin, aunt/uncle and prenatal DNA testing.

  • AlphaBiolabs DNA Testing

    AlphaBiolabs is award-winning DNA, drug & alcohol testing laboratory. The company is accredited to the demanding ISO 17025 standard, meaning that they can provide legal testing that will stand up in court. Approved by the UK government and Ministry of Justice, and trusted by legal professionals, social workers and immigration lawyers through the UK. 

  • Senieer

    Senieer is a leading global Pharmaceutical Equipment Manufacturer And Supplier for ONE STOP SOLUTION in China. Trustworthy integrated process solutions, Senieer especially focuses on solid dosage forms in China with more than 30 years experience. Senieer is your best worldwide partner to companies in the pharmaceutical, food, chemicals and cosmetics industries. we manufacture machinery in accordance with international standards, such as GMP, cGMP, and US FDA.Senieer technical team members improve complete project services (also called one stop solution services) from consulting to design. We provide Pharmaceutical Equipment Design and Consultancy services meeting international standards.

  • AlphaBiolabs USA

    AlphaBiolabs is an award-winning, ISO accredited DNA testing lab. Order a home paternity test and return your samples via mail for quick & accurate results. Other relationship DNA tests include paternity, maternity, sibling, twin, grandparent, aunt/uncle and prenatal tests. Visit our website for more information, including our comprehensive Learning Center.

  • DG Boxing

    DG Boxing DG’s passion was to be in the gym sparring and training. The boxing gym was a positive place for him. DG had been a bouncer for a few years and knew it wasn’t the best future for him. Boxing was his outlet and passion that he wants to share with everyone who is willing to learn.

  • Real Science Nutrition

    Real Science Nutrition Real Science is founded on the principle of using Nature\’s Laboratory to optimize Human Health.

  • Wealth and Wellness

    Wealth and Wellness Wealth and Wellness presents authentic and research based tips and articles related to general health, lifestyle, alternative healing and self improvement

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