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  • Shopify Development Company – AmbitixTech

    As a leading Shopify development company in USA , Ambitixtech specializes in creating customized, user-friendly e-commerce solutions. Our team of experts at Ambitixtech is dedicated to designing visually appealing Shopify websites, seamlessly integrating payment gateways, managing inventory, and optimizing for mobile devices. With our expertise, you can confidently build a strong online presence, drive traffic, and maximize sales in the competitive digital marketplace. Visit our website for more details and unlock the full potential of your e-commerce business today. 

  • Yash Highvoltage Unveils State-of-the-art Helium Leak Facility for Bushings

    Modern helium leak facility unveiled by Yash Highvoltage, a top producer of high voltage and high current transformer bushings. One of the most sensitive helium leak detection facilities in the world, the new facility can detect leakage as small as 10-10 torr.A thermal conductivity detector, a bubble leak detector, and a mass spectrometer are just a few of the helium leak detection tools available at the new facility. The devices are used to find leaks in a range of substances, such as metals, polymers, and ceramics. 


  • SEO Services Regina

    When it comes to website success, search engine optimisation (SEO) is key. With CA Digital SEO Services Regina, you can take your website to the next level and increase your visibility on search engines. Not only do we ensure you meet the latest industry best practices, but we also optimise your content for maximum engagement from potential customers. We have a team of experts who understand how to make sure your website appears at the top of searches for relevant terms based on your specific goals and target audience. We are experts in building high-performing websites that attract visitors and generate leads. Let us help you maximise visibility. Call us now!

  • Oil Impregnated Paper (OIP) Condenser Bushing

    At Yashhv, we engineer various product lines of OIP Condenser bushings with different voltage and current ratings and combinations of insulator options.Rated Voltage : 24 kV - 245 kV for IEC range OR 25 kV - 230 kV for IEEE rangeRated Current : 400 A 3150 A*Insulation : Oil-impregnated paper Hermetically sealedApplication : Transformer OutdoorType : Oil to AirInsulator : Porcelain / Hollow Composite - SiliconeStandard : IEC 60137: 2017/ IEEE C57.19.00/01Connection : Draw lead/Draw Rod/Solid Conductor0

  • App Development Company in USA

    W2S Solutions is a well-known app development firm with headquarters in the USA that offers clients all over the world creative, superior mobile app development services. We utilise cutting-edge technology and frameworks with a team of skilled developers and designers to build custom mobile applications that are made to match the particular requirements and objectives of their clients.W2S Solutions is a reputable and trustworthy app development firm that offers creative solutions to assist organizations and individuals in achieving their mobile app development objectives. We are a top app development company in USA, known for our dedication to quality, creativity, and customer happiness.0

  • Yash Highvoltage – High Current Bushing Solutions for Efficient Power Transmission

    Leading supplier of top-notch high current bushing solutions for transformers is Yash Highvoltage. Their knowledge in electrical engineering and transformer technology has enabled them to create and provide their clients dependable and affordable high current bushing solutions.Transformers, switchgear, and other high-voltage equipment require high current bushings to handle the high current levels. In addition to gas-insulated bushings (GIB), Yash Highvoltage also provides oil-impregnated paper (OIP), resin-impregnated paper (RIP), and other high current bushing solutions.

  • Yash Highvoltage- Quality control and testing procedures for transformer bushings

    Transformer bushings of the greatest calibre and dependability are produced by Yash Highvoltage with utmost dedication. To make sure that its products fulfil the highest requirements for performance and safety, the company adheres to a strict quality control process that includes testing and inspection methods.Yash Highvoltage tests the electrical and mechanical characteristics of its transformer bushings using cutting-edge testing tools and procedures. These tests consist of, among others, capacitance testing, partial discharge tests, tan delta tests, and AC and DC withstand tests.In addition to these testing, Yash Highvoltage also conducts visual and mechanical examinations to make sure that its transformer bushings are flawless and adhere to all necessary requirements. To confirm the effectiveness of their products under diverse circumstances, the corporation also does type tests and regular tests.The quality control procedure used by Yash Highvoltage is intended to guarantee the longevity, dependability, and safety of their transformer bushings. The high levels of client satisfaction and confidence that the business has amassed over the years are testaments to its dedication to quality and excellence.0

  • pie ping

     By utilizing a drill sharpener, you will not only be able to increase your working efficiency and bring in more cash, but you will also be able to save money on the cost of cutting tools and CNC machines. In order to accomplish this goal, portable drills and end mill grinders are required.It is the perfect sharpener to save your budget on cutting tool and CNC machine cost, to enhance the working efficiency, and to make more money because it comes equipped with portable drill and end mill grinders. No. 71, 32nd Rd,CA, 96162 USA

  • ecloudcontrol

    The Calico Kubernetes Container Network Interface (CNI) is implemented by Calico as a plug-in, and Calico also provides agents for Kubernetes, both of which are used to provide networking for pods and containers. Every pod receives an IP address that is completely routable after Calico has finished generating a layer-3 network that is flat.

  • OIP Condenser Bushings for High-Performance Power Transmission

    Yash Highvoltage is a leading manufacturer of electrical components for power transmission and distribution systems. Their OIP (Oil-Impregnated Paper) Condenser Bushings are designed to provide high-performance electrical insulation for power transformers and switchgear.OIP Condenser Bushings are an essential component in high-voltage power transformers, where they provide electrical insulation and support for the high-voltage conductor. The bushings are designed to withstand high electrical stresses, moisture, and other environmental factors, ensuring safe and reliable power transmission.

  • Yash Highvoltage – Your One-Stop Shop for Transformer Bushing Parts & Retrofits

    Yash Highvoltage is a leading manufacturer and supplier of transformer bushing parts and retrofits for the power industry. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Yash Highvoltage has established a reputation for providing high-quality products and exceptional service to its customers.Transformer bushings are essential components of power transformers, providing a critical interface between the transformer and the electrical grid. Over time, these bushings can degrade and require replacement. Yash Highvoltage offers a wide range of transformer bushing parts, including porcelain bushings, composite bushings, and oil-impregnated paper bushings. These bushing parts are designed to meet the highest industry standards, ensuring reliable and safe operation of your power transformers.0

  • Calvary Marketing

    Calvary Marketing helps dentists grow their services by utilizing digital marketing such as SEO, ORM, Google Ads and more. A leading dental digital marketing company in India, Calvary Marketing is a one-stop solution for all your dental marketing needs. Visit us.Dental digital marketing

  • Yash Highvoltage Ltd. – Leading Transformer Bushing Manufacturer in India

    At Yash Highvoltage, we concentrate on developing cutting-edge solutions that are dependable, effective, and secure. The company’s staff of skilled engineers and technicians closely collaborates with customers to comprehend their objectives and produce solutions that satisfy them. This spirit of cooperation has enabled Yash Highvoltage to establish itself as one of India’s leading suppliers of transformer bushings.

  • Best LED Spotlights – Mescab

    Mescab specializes in designing and manufacturing the best LED spotlights. We’re proud to offer a wide range of products that are built to last.  

  • SkillNet Solutions Inc

    SkillNet is a technology consulting firm that offers various services aimed at helping businesses enhance their productivity, efficiency, and profitability through the use of retail IT solutions and digital commerce solutions. The company has formed partnerships with several cloud-based services such as Oracle Retail, Spryker, VTEX, Mirakl, and others to facilitate the modernization of store solutions and the transformation of e-commerce platforms.With the help of these partnerships and its expertise in digital engineering, SkillNet can provide businesses with innovative solutions to overcome challenges and take advantage of emerging opportunities in the retail and e-commerce industries. SkillNet's services include system integration, technology implementation, custom development, data analytics, and more.Overall, SkillNet aims to help businesses stay ahead of the competition by leveraging the latest technologies and solutions available in the market. Its partnerships with leading cloud-based services providers enable it to provide comprehensive and effective solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of each client.

  • Wallet App Development Company Known For Success

    Our Wallet App Development Company provides top-notch services for your digital asset management needs. Our team of experienced developers and blockchain experts offers customized solutions tailored to your requirements. From multi-currency wallets to cold storage solutions, we ensure the safety and accessibility of your digital assets. Our secure and reliable wallet apps are perfect for startups and established enterprises alike. Stay ahead of the competition with our cutting-edge technology and unmatched expertise. Trust us to build the perfect wallet app for you and manage your digital assets like a pro.Contact us:Website: +971554738790Address: Dubai World Trade Centre Tower,Sheikh Rashid Tower, Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai, UAE0

  • Comprehensive Transformer Bushing Parts Retrofit Solutions

    Transformer bushings are critical components in the functioning of transformers. They connect the winding of the transformer to the high voltage lines, and ensure electrical insulation and protection. As such, any faults in the bushings can lead to electrical failures, leakage, and damage to the transformer.The process of retrofitting transformer bushings with Yash Highvoltage solutions involves a thorough inspection and assessment of the transformer, followed by customization of solutions based on the assessment. The installation process is then carried out by experienced professionals, and rigorous testing and commissioning is done to ensure the efficiency and reliability of the transformer.0

  • Blocktech Brew – Leading Web3 Development Company | Next-Gen Solutions for Transparency and Efficiency

    Whether you're a startup or a large enterprise, can provide the web3 development services you need. Our blockchain experts offer comprehensive solutions including custom blockchain development, smart contract development, and decentralized application development. Contact us today and let's get started.0

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company

    BlockTech Brew is a professional cryptocurrency exchange development company that offers customized solutions to businesses seeking to launch their own cryptocurrency exchange platforms. With a team of experienced developers and blockchain experts, the company provides comprehensive services that include exchange development, white-label exchange solutions, crypto wallet development, and blockchain development. The company is focused on security and implements the latest technologies and best practices to ensure that its clients' platforms are secure and resilient to attacks. BlockTech Brew is a reliable and trusted partner for businesses seeking to succeed in the fast-evolving world of cryptocurrency.0

  • Dynamics Square UK

    Dynamics Square is a Microsoft Gold Partner and a leading provider of Microsoft Dynamics 365 business solutions in the UK. They specialize in implementing and supporting Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Dynamics 365 Field Service, and Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation. Dynamics Square has a team of experienced professionals who provide end-to-end services, including implementation, customization, training, and support for Dynamics 365 solutions. They work closely with their clients to understand their business needs and provide tailored solutions that help them streamline their operations and achieve their goals.Dynamics Square offers a variety of D365, including:Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation and Customization: Dynamics Square specializes in the implementation and customization of Microsoft Dynamics 365 business solutions, such as Finance and Operations, Business Central, Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, and Project Service Automation.Dynamics 365 Support and Maintenance: They offer ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure their clients' Dynamics 365 systems are running smoothly and efficiently.Business Intelligence and Reporting: Dynamics Square provides business intelligence and reporting services to help their clients make data-driven decisions and gain insights into their business performance.Cloud Solutions: They offer cloud solutions to help businesses manage their data and applications in the cloud, including Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365. 0

  • Futurist Architecture

    There is nothing more annoying than pesky house flies buzzing around your head. Not to mention, they can be a major health hazard! But don't worry, we're here to help. In this guide, we'll teach you how to get rid of house flies for good. We'll go over everything from identifying the source of the problem to using natural remedies to drive them away. Let's get started!0

  • Best AWS cloud consulting services

    AWS cloud consulting services are becoming increasingly popular as businesses look to move their operations and applications to the cloud. AWS provides a wide range of cloud solutions that can be tailored to meet the needs of any organization. From data storage and analytics, to development and deployment, AWS has a solution for every business need.

  • Design of Transformer Bushings | Yash High-Voltage

    Transformer bushings are made to fulfil the transformer's electrical, mechanical, and thermal requirements. Choosing the right insulating material, figuring out the dimensions of the bushings, and creating the interface with the transformer tank and related electrical system are all parts of the design process.Read more at designs of transformer bushing 

  • Mmopixel

    There are times when people are not sure about buying Star Citizen UEC because of some issue and we understand their decision. For them, we have here the Farming guide to Star Citizen aUEC which allows you to earn the in-game credits without buying them.0

  • Hire Dedicated Developers India

    Rushkar is an industry leading mobile app development company well-known for delivering engaging mobile apps and innovative solutions. They are renowned as the best app development company in the app space with its exceptional abilities and top-class team of app developers India. Rushkar offers stunning app designs, wonderful app strategies, out-of-the-box marketing, and agile app development services. You can Hire Dedicated Developers India today to get the best from your investment. Get ready to work with a team who understands your needs and knows the framework to create your products for success.Do you want to develop high impact and high value mobile app with matchless designs and execution? App developers India at Rushkar can help you do the same at very reasonable prices without compromising on the quality of the work. Hire mobile app developers India from Rushkar to create robust and sophisticated mobile apps. From ideation to completion, these developers can help you in everything. Over the years, we have worked for different clients including individuals, organizations, and start-ups. Their team of app developers is improving their skills constantly along with mastering the industry’s progression.

  • Digital Recruitment

    Looking to hire a recruitment agency for your technology company? You can rely on Halcyon Knights for digital recruitment for your company. Whether you want to have staff for IT sales & marketing, cyber security, Data analytics, technical support, digital cloud and many more you count on us. Our team is experienced understands your requirement for a talented candidate and works to find the best fit for your company. We are professional consulting services across the Asia Pacific region and provide the best staffing solution. Our company specialised to team boosting for a start, unicorns and tech giants. To have a talented candidate for your business partner with us for recruitment today.0

  • TechUpdates

    Technology Updates is the application of scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life or,as it is sometimes phrased, to the change and manipulation of the human environment.With techupdates, you can keep up with the latest technology changes and stay ahead of the curve. Our articles are informative and easily digestible,so you can stay informed and keep your business healthy.It's easy to stay up-to-date with the latest technology.Techupdates provides you with all of the information you need to stay ahead of the curve and make sure your business is using the latest tools and technologies.0

  • OJS Cloud

    We use the world-renowned open-source platform Open Journal System (OJS) to host open-access journal websites. Our ready-to-use OJS Theme is easy to install and allows you to establish your open-access journal website quickly. Our expert team will make your website live in two weeks. We offer 99.98% server uptime. We also provide many plugins for extending the functionality of websites hosted on OJS. We provide major OJS upgrades for free. In addition, we offer extra value-added services like the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) facility, along with the basic journal setup and OJS Migration Services. All in all, one can say that OJSCLoud is a one-stop solution for open-access journal websites that provides end-to-end support.0

  • Best Ready Made White Label OpenSea Clone!

    OpenSea is the biggest digital marketplace for NFTs and crypto. The platform is highly secured with Smart Contracts as it is a decentralized platform based on Blockchain. OpenSea Clone is one of the perfect and innovative clones of the real OpenSea platform. 100% customizable and that brings you the advantage of integrating any feature you feel is required and gaining a competitive edge over rivals. At OyeLabs you will get uninterrupted support and maintenance from highly talented experts and that too 24/7. Know More -

  • TechGropse Pvt. Ltd.

    Looking to hire dedicated iPhone developers , hire it from techgropse.  Techgropses a full-service mobile app development company that specializes in building custom apps for smartphones, tablets, and wearables. Our developers are specializes in building custom mobile and web apps for startups and enterprises.  

  • Metaverse Development Company

    Enter and create digital economies, leveraging blockchain technology with our Metaverse development services. Design, build, and launch amazing experiences for your users effectively with a leading metaverse development company.0

  • CA Digital – seo ontario

    Canadian businesses in Ontario can get SEO services from CA Digital. To ensure that your needs for search engine optimization are addressed, our team of experts provides comprehensive solutions. The main goals of SEO services in Ontario are to increase a website's visibility through natural search engine results, drive up traffic and income potential, and increase online conversions. With the help of our data-driven tactics and extensive market knowledge, we can offer incredibly effective and affordable solutions that actually produce results. In order to raise the ranking of clients' websites, CA Digital has a demonstrated track record of success. This has led to significant increases in visibility, website traffic, and sales leads. Thus, if you want to maximise your online visibility and gain from your efforts to segment the market, our service is here to get you there.0

  • SQL Database Modeler

    SQL Database Modeler is an advanced relational database design and modeling tool. It supports all industry-standard modeling notations, including ERwin and Rational Rose. The software helps create a variety of 3rd party output formats - from UML to XML, HTML and Microsoft Word documents.

  • Pentasoft Professional

    Pentasoft Professional offers the iPhone app development company in Bathinda. Pentasoft specializes in developing custom iOS applications for businesses and individuals looking to expand their reach in the digital world. We offer various services, such as UI/UX design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance. Our team of experienced developers and designers uses the latest tools and technologies to build robust and user-friendly apps. In Bathinda, we cater to various industries, such as healthcare, education, e-commerce, and more. 

  • Best Seo Tool Free

    Best SEO Tool Free is the leading online marketing platform that provides users with all the necessary tools to succeed in their online marketing endeavors. The platform offers a wide range of tools like Google Cache Checker Tool, backlink analysis, and Search Engine Spider Simulator, that help users better understand their competitors, identify new opportunities, and improve their website’s search engine ranking.

  • Mail Backup in Office 365

    In addition to the built-in features, you can also use the Microsoft 365 compliance center or third-party backup solutions to create custom backup plans for your email data. These tools allow you to specify which data to include in the backup, set retention policies, and create custom backup schedules.However, you must use Regain Office 365 Backup Tool for better safety. Mainly when you regularly deal with your organization's work.

  • Coin Developer India

    Coin Developer India is the best cryptocurrency development company in India with professional coin developers. Offers Web3.0 Development, Move to Earn NFT Game Development, Real Estate Tokenization Company, NFT Marketplace Development, Crypto Trading Bot Development, IDO development, Coin/token development, Cryptocurrency Exchange Development, Crypto Wallet Development, Smart Contract Development, Cryptocurrency MLM Development Services. 

  • App Developers India

    Rushkar holds great market reputation with its outstanding app development services. They offer reliable Android, iOS, and Hybrid app development services with the help of its experienced App Developers India. Rushkar is well-known for its high-quality services and solutions for business applications requiring a professional crew of app developers and testing experts. Hire Dedicated Developers India from Rushkar today as they hold years of experience in offering outstanding mobile app development services as per your specific business requirements. You can expect exceptional solutions from the competent team of specialists.If you’re looking for the best app development services either for Android or iOS platform, you can count on app developers India at Rushkar. The India based mobile app development company offers customized solutions for your app development requirements. They have a fully dedicated team that can help you design UI/UX for exceptional user experience. When you hire mobile app developers India from this company, you can rest assured to get great reliability from them as they always emphasize on high-quality services that can meet the different needs of businesses.

  • Helpful Insight Private Limited

    Helpful Insight Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001-2015 & "CMMI Certification aspirant" world-renowned web & mobile application Development Company based in India. We cater to the needs of multiple international clients for building a mobile application or creating a stunning website from scratch. We also take up projects to completely revamp your existing mobile application or website, to make it more appealing to your consumers.Website: 

  • Mobile App Development Company Canada – Hepto Technologies

    Hepto Technologies is the best mobile application development company Canada. We provide impactful mobile app development services for android and ios devices that help organizations to deliver maximum digital value. 

  • Clear View Grass | Artificial Grass Installer in Dubai

    Artificial grass has gained popularity due to how much simpler it is to maintain than real grass. It doesn't need daily maintenance as we do with real grass. Another way to moderate the water in your hotel room or nursery is to use artificial grass. If you are interested in sports, you probably know that astro turf, also known as sports grass, is installed on athletic fields because it is easier to maintain and doesn't require water to stay green. Numerous businesses, such as Clear View Grass, provide installation services for synthetic grass in the United Arab Emirates. Clear View Grass has provided grass installation services for a very long period. They began installing their fake grass in many residential areas in the UAE. If you have any questions, you can visit their website to get excellent customer service. If you're eager to learn more about putting artificial grass in Dubai, you can also read the entire installation procedure in the blog area.

  • Software Development Company San Antonio – iQlance

    San Antonio now has access to iQlance, We provide rapid, targeted, and final solutions to organizations who are just getting started or extending their online presence. iQlance, a software development San Antonio company, provides customized software development and programming services to provide your company with a competitive edge in the city.The work of iQlance with tools, initiatives, and services enables us to achieve this goal since they are designed to strengthen and publicize the most valuable components of a business, brand, or service. Our software engineer San Antonio prioritizes client pleasure above all things, and they'll work to improve and supplement your company's current marketing approach.We are able to provide custom software development in San Antonio through our extensive network of experienced minds in a wide range of areas, including but not limited to: web design, e-commerce, mobile app development (Android, iOS, Xamarin), online advertising, social media, video creation, and more. iQlance is the fastest growing Custom Software Development company in USA and Uk. We provide dedicated top App developers Dallas Tx A group of the industry's top App developers Dallas team of digital solutions experts are committed to learning about your business and creating software that helps you achieve your goals.Know more details, you can mail us on: info@iqlance.comOr You can call us on : + 44 020 7193 1797

  • Bradley Landscaping

    Bradley Landscaping has provided residential and commercial customers in the San Antonio region with year-round landscaping services. In addition to performing routine maintenance on, planning, and planting shrubs, trees, and plants on your property, Bradley Landscaping San Antonio also designs and constructs unique hardscapes like outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and pergolas. What We Do: We help you decide what kind of landscaping you need. We come up with the most economical option. The project timetable is included in the written agreement that our administrative team produces. The job is finished on time. Following completion of the assignment, our team follows up with you to ensure your satisfaction. Hardscaping, wood and metal fencing, patios, pergolas, outdoor living spaces, and landscape lighting are some of our services. For any inquiry, go here:

  • NFT marketplace development company -Addus Technologies

    NFT marketplace is trading and transacting their NFTs in the location. NFT producers can convert into any type of file, including domain names, photos, audio, video, gifs, and many others. The creator can list and auction off their digital works after minting. The NFT will be awarded to the highest bidder following the auction if NFT fans place price-based bids on certain NFTs.The market's demand for NFTs was assisted by the acceptance of NFTs and the increase in users. According to projections, the worldwide NFT market would grow from $3.0 billion in 2022 to $13.6 billion by 2027.Premium features of our NFT Marketplace development- Bundled services- Decentralized platform- IPFS and Pinata applications- NFT loans on exchange- Simple protocol- Compatibility with a variety of devices and operating systems- Multiple currency support- Utility improvement- Different shorts of listings- High return on investmentKey Benefits of NFT Marketplace development- Interface- Huge ROI- Security- Customizable- SupportWhere to get a reliable NFT marketplace development companyNFT marketplace development is available as an NFT marketplace clone script or as a full end-to-end NFT marketplace development from scratch. Both of these software development techniques are completely flexible and include all of the necessary features. Starting from scratch refers to the process of building your NFT marketplace, from its structure to its implementation. The NFT marketplace clone script, on the other hand, is a ready-made piece of software that replicates a successful NFT marketplace and includes all of its distinguishing features. Whatever method you choose for Addus Technologies to build your NFT marketplace, we guarantee the end result will be flawless and of the highest quality.0

  • GST Verification API – Microvista

    Professional engineers with unmatched domain expertise have developed Microvista’s GST Number Verification API. This GST API is so easy to apply to all forms of taxpayers. It works amazingly for small, medium, or massive-scale taxpayers. Our GST Verification API integrates very easily with your ERPs or accounting software. With Microvista technologies   GST API helps reduce time on your enterprise because it validates and verifies any GSTIN on a real-time basis.You can get the GST information of your taxpayers from the GST Verification API system by only entering their GSTIN number and you'll get the GSTIN verified information within seconds!Validate your taxpayers' GST information in real-time with nearly zero manual intervention.  Talk to us and get the right of entry for your GSTIN verification API from Microvista Technologies. Contact us today.

  • tecHangouts LLC

    At tecHangouts LLC, we strive to provide you with the best experience in app and web development. Our services include creating, modifying, and maintaining a website and developing iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows apps.

  • Moonhub

     Innovative automation and AI tools were paired with recruitment skills by Moonhub. The most comprehensive real-time people search in the world, driven by AI and 10x more accurate. We appreciate working with recruiters and other technology solutions to deliver the best results for you. Our team has excellent people, technology, and results management skills. 

  • CostMasters

    Find the latest steel price India, with prices updated every day. We provide you with all the necessary information to make an informed buying decision on steel products. Contact us today.  

  • RMT Tools

    We are a leading manufacturer of Tail Breaker that is made from high-quality raw material and advanced technology. Tail breaker offers excellent performance and durable nature. It is available at an economical price. Check our online today. 

  • RMT Tools

    We are a leading manufacturer of Tail Breaker that is made from high-quality raw material and advanced technology. Tail breaker offers excellent performance and durable nature. It is available at an economical price. Check our online today. 

  • Binance clone script

    Binance clone script is ready made, bug-free, tested, and comes with the source code to establish an exchange-like Binance. Hivelance - Binance Clone Script is a ready-made replica of the world's largest trading volume exchange - Binance. With its generous cost structure, the Binance crypto exchange encourages cryptopreneurs in quickly selling and buying cryptocurrency. Because of its unique qualities, the Binance exchange has enticed many crypto enthusiasts to invest in the crypto industry. 


    We offer an extensive range of OIP (Oil impregnated Paper) bushings also for the wall through applications as well as Oil-Oil applications inside transformer cable box. Considerable customization is available based on the customer s needs for these products, and we continue to supply these specialized solutions to many customers in India and globally. 0


    The most widely used bushings in the high voltage transmission industry globally even today, Oil Impregnated Paper (OIP) Condenser Bushings are manufactured using Kraft paper wound tightly on a conductor, with a finely graded capacitive arrangement using intermediate layers of aluminium foils, dried under heat and vacuum to remove moisture and carefully impregnated with processed transformer oil.0

  • Software Product Development Services

    Millions of entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses need to build software products for their customers. But building a product is not an easy task. It's time consuming, costly, and challenging. As a result, many are hesitant to pursue the process. That's why we've created a service to help entrepreneurs and businesses with their product development needs. We offer a Software Product Development service that is specifically tailored to suit your needs and goals. We consult on your idea, design the product with you, and then0

  • Leverage the benefits of technology with iQlance

    As a top Mobile App & Software Development Company in Canada USA, iQlance has developed competence in designing and creating applications. We do extensive research to determine precisely what your app requires. We are always pushing ourselves to offer incredibly technical items by using cutting-edge technology. As one of the most preferred software and application development partners, we strive to provide a quick development experience.As agency of SEO Halifax, our objective is to help startups become worldwide leaders in future technologies by enhancing their skills. We are committed to offering excellent customer service in a fast and cost-effective way, and we use an agile strategy that strikes the target in the IT industry.Why should you onboard us?App Delivery on Time: With the experience of several years, we are able to provide our clients with projects on time without any delay. App Quality is Guaranteed: Throughout the product development cycle, our QC staff monitors each step and resolves any defects that arise. They ensure that projects are superb and error-free.Professional Developers: Our developers have expertise in providing real-world solutions for your business using cutting-edge tools and technologies, so you can rely on them to give you an advantage.Transparent Communication: We have a transparent communication structure which helps us to deliver the best services to you. For more details mail us at or call us at (+61) 3 9013 3988.

  • Yash High Voltage Ltd- Transformer Bushings

    Yash High Voltage Ltd. is a fast emerging Indian leader in power engineering and specialized high voltage and high current Transformer Bushings for utilities and the industrial markets in India and around the globe. Our products are synonymous with innovation and quality and have proven their reliability over decades of class-leading performance.0

  • RIP/RIS Condenser Bushings

    Known for their revolutionary performance, DRY TYPE Resin Impregnated Paper (RIP) /Resin Impregnated Synthetic (RIS) Condenser Bushings are oil-free transformer bushings, wherein the insulation is built directly on the conductor, and consists of high quality crepe paper wound on the conductor in case of RIP bushings, or special grade synthetic film in case of RIS bushings. Conductive grading layers are embedded during the paper/synthetic wrapping process to form a capacitive core for the best electromagnetic field control, and further the wound core is impregnated after a process of heat and vacuum application with special grade electrical application resins to make a completely dry RIP/RIS active part solution.Rip Bushing

  • Private Blockchain Development Company

    When it comes to providing the best blockchain development services in the world, Addus Technologies is at the best. Addus is the top most blockchain development company offers complete private blockchain development services in India. We have also worked hard to gain the necessary expertise in developing top-tier private blockchain solutions that can effectively streamline a business's workflow. Because we provide a highly secure private blockchain infrastructure of shared peers, we can be the best choice for your private blockchain development needs. It assists businesses and banks in validating transactions through secure contracts. 

  • Software Development Company Melbourne – Rushkar

    Software Development Company Melbourne is the best place for you if you need a reliable and trusted software development company. Our company has a team of expert professionals who have years of experience in software development. They are skilled in multiple programming languages to make sure that your business can smoothly grow without any hiccups. We are passionate about what we do and put our clients' needs first, which is why we offer competitive prices with high-quality services.0

  • Live Impact

    LiveImpact is the only integrated platform that efficiently and accurately addresses your needs and those of your stakeholders. LiveImpact is the most integrated, automated, and intelligent platform available. Our organization can amplify its mission and articulate outcomes in previously unimaginable ways. For more details visit our website.  

  • HiFiNage

    Welcome to the HiFiNage online store. We take HiFi Audio very seriously. We take a pride in offering an exceptional range of HiFi Audio products such as portable audio in which earphones, earbuds, over ear headphones, portable audio player, headphone amplifier are the part of portable audio which were never introduced in India.

  • ShopiVogue

    We - Shopivogue is an “Expert Certified” Shopify eCommerce Development company having experienced Shopify plus, Shopify apps, and Shopify theme developers in our team. Together we are working to create the best eCommerce development for our customers.Since the beginning, we’ve kept ahead of the curve and we want to help you do the same. Hundreds of merchants around the world trust Shopivogue and its ready-to-use Shopify store development services. Shopivogue is a reputed digital Shopify Development Company working with clients across the globe to create successful and profitable B2C and B2 B-based web and mobile eCommerce Solutions.At Shopivogue being Shopify plus partner, we cater to enterprise-level brands to scale their business with the most affordable and reliable Shopify Plus Development Services. 

  • Coreway Solution

    Coreway Solution is a leading and professional Ecommerce Development Company that offers result-driven offshore web application development services to SMEs, enterprises, and start-ups across the globe. Since every business these days is coming up with unique requirements and challenges, we leverage them with a feasible and tailor-made solution best suited for their operational need.0

  • CultureMonkey

    CultureMonkey is a complete employee engagement platform. Automate employee surveys, and capture employee feedback through our full-stack employee engagement platform.0

  • MageCaptain

    MageCaptain is an award-winning Magento development company having certified Magento mobile app developers on our team. Together we are  Magento developers, designers, and working to create the best eCommerce development for our customers. 

  • smartData Enterprises Inc

    Thinking of developing custom software or an app? You’re in the right place! At our company, we offer custom software and app development services that will help you achieve your business goals. When it comes to developing custom software or apps, it’s crucial to partner with an experienced and reliable team. At our company, we have the experience and expertise to help you create the perfect solution for your needs. We understand that each business is unique, and we’ll work with you to develop a custom solution that meets your specific requirements. We specialize in: – Custom Software Development – App Development – Web Development – Mobile App Development – Healthcare software development – Enterprise Application Development – Game Development. So, if you’re looking for a reliable and experienced team to help you with your custom software or app development needs, contact smartData today. 0

  • PCM Electrical Engineering

    PCM Electrical Engineering has been in the auto gate and barrier industry for over three decades. We have been providing our customers with the most dependable and worry-free after-sales services since 1987. We are committed to providing high-quality engineering, innovative design, and safe, dependable, and efficient products. Visit our website today to schedule a service!

  • Cubic Digital

    Cubic Digital is a leading digital marketing company in Ahmedabad, India. We offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Local SEO, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content Marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Web Designing, and Web Development services for businesses, brands, and startups to increase their online presence and generate more leads by effectively connecting them to their target audience. Our SEO services in Ahmedabad provide benefits to clients by boosting their businesses through an effective marketing strategy. We are known for delivering the best results and satisfaction for our clients across the globe.

  • Velocity Automotive

    Velocity Automotive is a team of enthusiastic automotive recon and vehicle selling solutions professionals who are dedicated to helping dealers transform how they engage with their customers and their business. We deliver evolving recon software solutions that provide digital vehicle presentations and transform how dealerships share information with their customers.We connect vehicle recon to retail, accelerating customer engagement and workflow. Velocity Automotive is a next-generation inventory or vehicle merchandising solution. It creates transparency with the dealership and customer throughout the car buying process.Here are the products that connect recon to retail:OEM Window StickersVelocity Engage - digital vehicle presentationsVelocity ReconFor more information visit our website:

  • Bank Ranchi

    IBT Ranchi is eminent for helping candidates crack government exams. This institute deserves the position in the listing for the best bank PO coaching in Ranchi. Highly qualified teachers, detailed study materials, focus on short tricks, regular test series, and excellent bank PO coaching in Ranchi captivate the attention of students. Our teachers give proper attention to every student for better results on their exams. Here are our contact detailsContact no: 062068 87743Address: T5, Third floor, Alokapuri Complex, Circular Road, Lalpur, Ranchi, Jharkhand 8340010

  • SSC Coaching

    Every government job exam dreams of acquiring Single digit rank. When it comes to exams like SSC CGL, SSC JE, SSC CHSL, etc., are very competitive and thus need proper guidance and approach. IBT Chandigarh provides the best SSC Coaching Institute in Chandigarh and has all the training and coaching skills to prepare for SSC exam aspirants to score single-digit ranks in the exam. Come and take a demo class at IBT Chandigarh to get the exam-oriented coaching and ace SSC on the first attempt.For more details:Phone no. 8699886998Email Id: Address: SCO- 80-82, Sub. City Center, Sector 34A, Sector 34, Chandigarh, 16002200

  • Bhashyam School App

    Bhashyam Educational Institutions developed the Bhashyam School App. They want to improve communication between teachers and parents. The ultimate goal is to improve student performance while increasing parental satisfaction. The COVID pandemic compelled schools to switch to online learning. As a result, the app was created to streamline the mode of learning and be used in the long run.0

  • Paramount coaching Gwalior

    Founded to offer top-notch coaching to students preparing for competitive exams like SSC, Bank, Delhi Police, CDS, CPF, NDA, B.ED., etc., Paramount Coaching Gwalior is an ISO 9001:2008-certified business. The winning team used innovative, rigorous, and clear teaching methods supplemented by self-developed conceptual tricks and strategies. 0

  • Exytex Technologies

    Exytex technologies is an IT Software Company currently working in Pakistan. We provide services for professional web development, Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing, and mobile applications.We create a unique web design and corporate identity, as well as promote websites and conduct a comprehensive advertising campaign. Exytex is a top software house in Pakistan registered by PSEB and also the best web applications and software Development Company in Pakistan. Our main advantage is that you can go through the entire process of web development.

  • NFT Marketplace Development Company – Bitdeal

    Bitdeal, a leading NFT marketplace development company, create and deploy Sure shot 10X ROI Driving NFT Marketplace like opensea, rarible, foundation, and more. Bitdeal has trained NFT experts, who are very much eager and most likely to adopt challenges in creating the next-gen NFT marketplace. Our NFT marketplace Development services have been extended to various niches including arts, music, games, real estate. Also, we practice and implement the most compelling blockchain networks Solana, polygon, BSC, Avalanche, and more to create your promising NFT Marketplace. Our NFT Marketplace Development Services:White Label NFT MarketplaceNFT Restaurant MarketplaceCarbon Credits NFT MarketplaceNFT Arts MarketplaceMetaverse NFT MarketplaceNFT Music MarketplaceNFT Fashion MarketplaceNFT Gaming MarketplaceNFT Collectibles Marketplaceand more..Our Ready to Launch NFT Marketplace Clone Scripts:Opensea Clone ScriptRarible Clone ScriptFoundation Clone Script etc..Features Of Our NFT Marketplace Script:StoreFrontFiltersListing StatusBid And Bid HistoryWalletInteroperabilityand more..Industries We Focus:ArtsMusicSportsReal EstateGamingFashion etc..To know more about our NFT Marketplace solutions visit can contact our experts for any business enquiries throughMail: sales@bitdeal.netorWhats app: +919500766642orTelegram:

  • IBT Chandigarh

    IBT Chandigarh is eminent for helping candidates crack government exams. This institute deserves the position in the listing for the best bank coaching in Chandigarh. Highly qualified teachers, detailed study materials, focus on short tricks, regular test series, and excellent bank PO coaching in Chandigarh captivate the attention of students. Our teachers give proper attention to every student for better results for their exams. Here are our contact detailsPhone no. 8699886998Email id: ibtchandigarh@gmail.comAddress: SCO- 80-82, Sub. City Center, Sector 34A, Sector 34, Chandigarh, 1600220

  • AVEVA InTouch HMI

    Because of the various visual and technological innovations made over the past 30 years, AVEVA InTouch HMI provides integrated data with unprecedented clarity, consistency, and significance.Collectively, these perceptual innovations enhance understanding of the process's recent history, present, and potential future. 0

  • Travel Software Development Company – Rushkar Technology

    Rushkar Technology is a travel software development company producing award-winning travel and expense management software.You need a reliable partner to help shape your business and technology strategy. A partner who understands your objectives is fluent in the language of travel and can guide you through the complexities of IT.Whether building a new reservation system or expanding with a new site, we have the expertise to help make your idea a reality.A start-to-finish solution for travel software developmentComplete control over the design, UX, and mobile experienceRapid deployment to save you time and hassleLet us know if you have any travel Custom Software Development or Product Development requirements.

  • Web Development Agency In USA

    Looking for a web development agency in USA? You don’t have to go further, as Techforce Global is here to help you. We boast dedicated developers who work diligently to solve all your software-related issues. Your ideas get turned into a unique, measurable solution with the help of our skilled and passionate teams. We also provide services in e-commerce, QA testing, fintech solutions, blockchain development, etc. We are here to help you build and live your dream. You can send your queries to us at Techforce Global for more information.0

  • Techlaa is one of the largest independent marketing agencies and software house providing results-driven and full-funnel digital marketing solutions to Businesses worldwide.0

  • Figured – NZ

    If you're a farmer, you know that there's a lot of paperwork that comes with the territory. Whether it's keeping track of your crops or your livestock, there's always something that needs to be recorded. And if you're not careful, it can be easy to lose track of your finances. That's where Figured comes in. We're the accounting software for farmers made specifically for such requirements. With our easy-to-use interface, you can keep track of all your farm's finances in one place. From expenses to income and everything in between, we've got you covered. Plus, our mobile app makes it easy to track your finances on the go. So whether you're in the field or in the office, you can always stay on top of your financial situation. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Figured today and take the hassle out of farm accounting!0

  • .NET Development – India App Developer

    India App Developer Solution is a leading .NET Development Company in India with years of experience. They are dedicated to giving the best solutions possible by utilizing the most cutting-edge tools and technologies. For the purpose of assisting companies in achieving success with Microsoft-based solutions, we provide organizations with complete Microsoft consulting services.We are experts in the construction of applications using ASP.NET and make use of all of the available features of that platform, including SQL, SharePoint, AWS,.NET SDKs, XML web services, and many others.We take a bespoke approach, which enables us to come up with original solutions while putting the requirements of your business first and efficiently coordinating the various aspects of the criteria for your project. Hire .NET Developers India to work on a variety of mechanical projects in order to provide our customers with the highest quality application that is humanly possible.0

  • MoogleLabs

    At MoogleLabs, we believe that artificial intelligence is a powerful tool for solving real-world problems. We are a leading AI ML development company focused on creating cutting-edge solutions for businesses and consumers. Our team of experts has been developing AI and machine learning solutions across industries for years, and we're here to help you get the most out of your investment. Visit us online for further details.

  • Diego’s Locksmith

    Diego’s Locksmith, provide top notch services for our local San Diego, California. Our professionals have the equipment and expertise necessary to help you achieve your objectives, whether you require assistance with an emergency lockout or you're prepared to upgrade to high security locks. For any kind of vehicle, residential, or commercial locksmith & lockout service needs, our skilled local locksmith professionals are accessible 24/7. Anytime you require a trustworthy locksmith in your region, contact Diego's Locksmith. 

  • Simnovus Tech Private Limited

    Simnovus is a young test and measurement company offering software-based UE Simulator and NW Emulator to validate 4G and 5G base stations and devices. Simpler licensing model, multi-technology support, and ability to run on commercial off the shelf (COTS) hardware, ensure that the customers get the least total cost of ownership.Network Emulator - The tool recreates an entire 4G & 5G network on COTS hardware. Supporting both NSA and SA mode, 100MHz channel bandwidth, and support of all global FDD & TDD bands, you can verify the device under all possible configurations in the lab.UE simulator - It can simulate hundreds of 4G and 5G subscribers with complex traffic models. With the support of VoNR and several other application traffic, it’s the perfect tool for the base station validation.For more information about us, visit our website today!

  • e-CENS

    e-CENS is a group of data scientists, analysts, technologists, and strategists that has gained recognition on a global scale. We have more than 15 years of expertise working with top international brands in publishing, e-commerce, travel and hospitality, and finance. Our clients put their trust in us to provide data management and advice so they may gain a competitive edge and achieve profitable business results. We extract useful insights about your customers, prospects, and everything else for your organization using data science, sophisticated analytics, and machine learning.0

  • Rushkar Technology

    Rushkar Technology Pvt. Ltd is an India Based IT Startup, which is mainly dealing in Custom Software Development Company India, App developers India and IoT as well, We have around 50 people in house team with the 15+ years of professional industry experience, till date we have satisfied 150+ customers with 13+ different companies and 20+ industries, like Oil & Gas Sector, Fleet Management, Accounting, inventory management, Custom ERP and many more. We are offering quality work with the perfect deadline, as per our past statistic, we have achieved 92% deadlines in our all projects.Services : - Software Development - Web Development - Native Mobile App Development - Hybrid Mobile App Development - IoT - BizTalk Server Application Development - MEAN Stack DevelopmentLet us know if you have any type of requirements with Custom Software Development or Product Development.0

  • TekRevol – Mobile App & Software Development Company in San Francisco

    TekRevol leads the way for mobile app development in San Francisco with its stellar digital solutions. Permeating Silicon Valley, we have an in-house team of highly experienced app designers, developers, project managers, and UI/UX engineers that can build all types of apps.We offer full-stack development in the arena of apps as an award-winning app development company.Offering a wide variety of app solutions including on-demand app development, custom app development, publishing, app marketing, and maintenance, TekRevol is one of the best app developers in the San Francisco tech community for businesses and startups. 0

  • Tekrevol – Mobile App & Web Development Company NJ

    Tekrevol is a highly renowned app development company in New Jersey, that creates scalable, intuitive, and business-friendly apps for clients in all niches. Our enabling and tech-oriented development process has helped us to provide businesses with apps that help them realize their business goals. We are the forerunners when it comes to growth hacking initial app ideas and taking them toward realizing viable revenue streams. Apart from app development, we also work as a web design company in NJ, providing businesses with a chance to gain more than just a digital existence through their websites. Our web solutions are highly responsive and conversion-optimized to make them function as a vehicle of growth for the brands that they represent.0

  • TekRevol – Mobile App & Software Development Company Austin

    Tekrevol believes in individualistic collectivism to build revolutionary digital experiences for organizations. Operating as the standardized Austin iOS app developers, our digital products are disruptive, and they’re designed for the core purpose of helping businesses excel, pivot, and accomplish unimaginable feats. As a leading mobile app development company in Austin, we can be your partner in digital success. The list of products we can develop doesn’t end with just apps. We’re also well-versed in building websites, games, and e-commerce stores, providing teams to enterprise-level organizations, and much more. Our app development services in Austin are continually expanding to provide our clients with the best!0

  • Integriti Group Inc.

    In recent years, cybercrime has become more sophisticated, professionalized, and personalized. And it is only headed to become graver. Small and large companies of all backgrounds are prone to threats which include but are not limited to malware, ransomware, and data breaches. Research shows that 37% of IT companies were targeted for ransomware in 2021 alone. Out of which only 8% of data was recovered after ransom payment.The threat not only pertains to software, companies and employees, but to other concerned parties too. Mitigating these threats should be the goal. While it may not be entirely possible, going forward, implementing the following practices can secure software development frameworks for businesses.Zero Trust & Access ControlZero trust policies consider every individual that interacts with the software as a threat. It requires identity verification at every step to protect IT resources. It would be advisable for developers to implement the zero-trust architecture in the initial stages of the SDLC (software development lifecycle) to secure software applications from the source code up.When targeting supply chains, attackers are heavily dependent on the trust present in the organization. Having to prove their identity at every step can help limit attacks.Furthermore, attacks in a system do not always occur from outside the firewall. Limited access policies should be introduced where only required permission is shared with individuals for them to complete a job.Investing Adequately:By far, the largest security threat that software face is bad-quality code. Shifting Left is a practice that can avoid additional costs when the software has progressed into production. Moving left suggests that code be analyzed and vulnerabilities eliminated early in the process.As it is considered expensive and time-consuming, the practice is still relatively more economical than when a product has moved into production. Research from Ponemon Institute suggests that it cost $80 to fix a software defect during development whereas it was $7,600 to fix during production.Therefore, an initial investment of time, money and resources in good quality code can help companies forego higher costs down the line.Close-Coordination Work & Upskilling:Decision-makers for businesses should work closely with the IT department to take security-driven initiatives. By keeping cybersecurity at the forefront, taking preventative measures with the input of IT professionals can create secure products and result in cost-saving in the long run. Safety is at the center of all tasks and development, and future decisions revolve around it.Improving the developers’ skill set can positively impact cybersecurity. By investing in the IT department through training, workshops, and classes, developers and engineers upskill and add further value to a business. Also, providing them with suitable resources can result in significant profit dividends.0

  • an Someone Hack Your Cash App With Your Username

    To know everything about how Can Someone Hack Your Cash App With Your Username, you have to first understand the fact that by just knowing your username or your name on Cash App no one has any right to get a hold of your Cash App account. So, you don’t need to feel upset and be afraid of sharing your Cash App username with anyone. For any kind of security measures and safety tips, check with the official sources right now.    

  • Enterprise DNA

    Enterprise DNA is an education portal that includes comprehensive courses and materials for all areas and user levels of Power BI. There is both free and paid stuff available. Power BI can transform the way you aggregate, model, and visualize data in any industry or business function.  

  • Enterprise DNA

    Enterprise DNA is an education portal that includes comprehensive courses and materials for all areas and user levels of Power BI. There is both free and paid stuff available. Power BI can transform the way you aggregate, model, and visualize data in any industry or business function.  

  • Enterprise DNA

    Enterprise DNA is an education portal that includes comprehensive courses and materials for all areas and user levels of Power BI. There is both free and paid stuff available. Power BI can transform the way you aggregate, model, and visualize data in any industry or business function. 0

  • MacBook Repair in Dubai

    The fastest and most Macbook repair, Macbook air repair, Imac repair etc. service is provided by Macbook repair dubai. The Macbook repair dubai Company offers services in Sharjah, Ajman, Marina, and the neighboring areas. Contact us at +97145864033 by phone, text, or WhatsApp. 0

  • Laptop Data Recovery Services

    Are you looking for a Laptop Data Recovery Services company in Dubai? So you don't need to worry. company has brought many experts who are skilled craftsmen in every work like server recovery, data recovery, laptop data recovery, etc. For more details, call our toll-free number, 045864034. Alternatively, you can contact us at the address given in this description. 

  • iSmartHeat

    Whether you’ve planned Electric Shower Installation or have a boiler emergency, contact us! We can help to get your boiler back up and running. We also offer electric shower installation & repair, New Boiler Installation, plumbing leak repair and Gas Hob & Cooker Installations services in London. Keep in Touch for the best and most inexpensive services. 

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