The Biggest Tree in the World

The Biggest Tree in the World
The Biggest Tree in the World

Ever wonder who is the biggest tree in the world? The answer is undoubtly General Sherman, a giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) tree located in the Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park in Tulare County, California, USA.

The General Sherman Tree shands as the ultimate example of the growth potential of a giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum). Other types of trees are taller, or thicker

at the base, but no other living thing on this planet exceeds the volume of this giant sequoia. The General Sherman Tree owes its immense size not to great age (many other

sequoias are older) but rather to its very rapid growth rate. For over two thousand years this tree has survived numerous fires, climatic change and even the coming of

modern man. Today it remains not only the world’s largest living thing, but also one of the fastest growing.

Estimated Age: 2300-2700 Years
Estimated Weight of Trunk: 1385 t. (1256 m.t.)
Height Above Base: 274.9 ft. (83.8 m)
Circumference at Ground: 102.6 ft. (31.3 m.)
Maximum Diameter at Base: 36.5 ft. (11.1 m.)
Diameter 60 ft. Above Ground: 17.5 ft. (5.3 m.)
Diameter 180 ft. Above Ground: 14.0 ft. (4.3 m.)
Diameter of Largest Branch: 6.8 ft. (2.1 m.)
Height of First Large Branch: 130.0 ft. (39.6 m.)
Volume of Trunk: 52,500 cu.ft. (1,486,6 cu.m)

The tree was named after American Civil War general, William Tecumseh Sherman, in 1879.

The Biggest Star in the Universe

The Biggest Star in the Universe
The Biggest Star in the Universe

Look up at the night sky on a clear, dark night with naked-eyes, we can see hundreds of thousands of stars. We may also want to know what is the biggest star in the universe. There is a simple answer to this question, our universe is so big that there’s no way we can know what is probably the biggest star, so we improve and redefine our question. What is the biggest star that we have already known?

According to Wikipedia, Harvard University and some other major universities, the answer is VY Canis Majoris (VY CMa).

VY Canis Majoris is the biggest star we know of and also one of the most luminous. This is a super red giant in the constellation Canis Major. It is about 1800-2100 solar rays (8.4 to 9.8 astronomical units) in radius, about 3.0 billion kilometers (1.9 billion miles) in diameter and approximately 1.5 Kiloparsec (4,900 light years) away from our earth. Unlike most super-giant stars, which occur either in binary or multiple star systems, VY CMa is a single star. It is classified as a semi-regular variable and has an estimated life of 2,000 days. It also has an average density of 5 to 10 mg/m3. Located at the center of our solar system, VY Canis Majoris’s surface would extend beyond the orbit of Saturn, although some astrophysicists disagree about the star’s stated radius, suggesting it might be much smaller: merely 600 times the radius of our sun, which would extend past the orbit of Mars.

It is hard for us to imagine how big these figures represent, but this is right the attractiveness of our universe. Moreover, we are sure about that there are still thousands of stars might be bigger than VY Canis Majoris.

Appendix: Which is bigger of these stars?
1. Mercury < Mars < Venus < Earth 2. Earth < Nepture < Uranus < Saturn < Jupiter 3. Jupiter < Wolf359 < Sun < Sirius 4. Sirius < Pollux < Arcturus < Aldebaran 5. Aldebaran < Rigel < Antares < Betelgeuse 6. Betelgeuse < Mu Cephei < VV Cephei < VY Canis Majoris

The Biggest House in the World

The biggest house in the world
The biggest house in the world

As most of us would anticipate, the biggest house in the world in not owned by any common billionaire; rather it is inhabited by some of England’s elite. The Windsor Palace- the biggest house in the world- is one of the main residences of The British Monarch. The Queen reportedly spends a good number of her weekends here.

The Windsor Palace stands as the largest palace inhabited by human beings and it covers an area of 45,000 square meters. It is also the oldest Palace or house, for some, in continuous occupation since the time of William the Conqueror. The palace has been restructured time and again on the demands of various monarchs that the British Empire has given birth to over the centuries. Serving as a garrison, a fortress and a prison too, the Castle has evolved in all magnificence over the last 3 to 4 centuries.

The castle has grown and shrunk according to the political and economic condition of the country, and the growth process of the castle is underway even today. The first castle is reported to have been built over a knoll or an artificial hill by William the Conqueror. The Castle has expanded like mad from then on, with this initial wooden castle as the geographic and political epicenter. Consisting of private apartments, wards, gardens, Chapels, fountains and a lot more, the Castle represents the eloquence and the magnanimity of the British Rule.

The immediate environment of the castle, which is mostly open to the public round the year, is mainly composed of parks and smaller private cottages. These cottages are occupied by the staff members employed at the castle. The Frogmore estate is the main area which the general public sees at first sight. The Frogmore estate is one of the parts comprising of the larger Home Park, with the rest of the Home Park being private and remains closed to the public. A private school- St. Georges, Windsor Castle, is also a part of the area. The castle has had a glorious, rather checkered, history and today, it stands as one of the most sought after and important tourist destinations of Europe.

The Victorian Era is said to be one of those periods which have been responsible for the present popularity of the biggest house in the world. Queen Victoria used to frequent the place quite often, and more often after the death of her husband. She was seen thinking and pondering within the walls of the castle, and this earned her the title of the “Widow of Windsor”. It was the duo of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert only, who were responsible for making the biggest house in the world a private residence of a British Monarch.

The Home Park area, which is private today, is also said to have been enclosed during the Victorian era itself. Comprising of a large area, the biggest house in the world at that time, had roads connecting Old Windsor and Datchet running across it. These roads were common to the public at that time. The treaty of “Windsor Castle and Town Approaches” modified these routes and resulted in an increased ‘private area’.

With the dawn of the 19th century and the rise of King Edward the VIIth in early 20th century, the Windsor Castle had started beginning to loose charm as primary residence, amongst the new age rules of Britain. Edward would come to visit the palace only twice or thrice in a year. He is responsible for giving the biggest house in the world, a golf course.

During the tenure of the Queen, at present, a lot has been done for the betterment of the Castle as a tourist place and in general. Some reports of oil being discovered on the Castle grounds had also come back in 1994, and the Queen is said to have granted permissions for digging and setting up an exploratory well there. This castle has been a “home” to the Royal family, in the words of Prince Charles and remains as a testimony to the strength of the British Empire, where the Sun never sets.

The Biggest Apple in the World

The Biggest Apple in the World
The Biggest Apple in the World

Have you ever seen an apple like this? I guess not.

The World’s Biggest Apple, located north of the town of Colborne in Cramahe Township, Canada, is an ideal tour stop offering a serene country setting, extensive menu and delicious apple pies baked right on the premises. Climb 35 feet to the top observation deck of the giant apple for a spectacular view of Cramahe Township, the Village of Colborne and Lake Ontario.

Located at Hwy #401, the Big Apple hosts more than 500,000 people each year offering fun for everyone!

World’s Largest Indoor Pool

World Waterpark is the world’s largest indoor waterpark with a size of roughly 30 acres. The World Waterpark opened to public in 1986. It is located in the West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It has a maximum capacity of 40,000 guests, an average temperature for the water of 30-33 °C (86-89 °F), and is the world’s largest indoor wave pool holding 12.3 million litres. The highest slides in the park are Twister and Cyclone, which are both 83 feet (25 m) high.

Longest Cross Sea Bridge, Donghai Bridge

Donghai Bridge literally “East Sea Grand Bridge”) is one of longest cross-sea bridge in the world. It was completed on December 10, 2005. It has a total length of 32.5 kilometres (20.2 mi) and connects mainland Shanghai and the offshore Yangshan deep-water port in China. Most of the bridge is a low-level viaduct. There are also cable-stayed sections to allow for the passage of large ships, largest with span of 420 m. Donghai Bridge is part of the S2 Hulu Expressway.

Christ the Redeemer

Christ the Redeemer (Portuguese: Cristo Redentor) is a statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; considered the largest Art Deco statue in the world and the world’s 5th largest statue. It is 39.6 metres (130 ft) tall, including its 9.5 metres (31 ft) pedestal, and 30 metres (98 ft) wide. It weighs 635 tonnes (625 long,700 short tons), and is located at the peak of the 700-metre (2,300 ft) Corcovado mountain in the Tijuca Forest National Park overlooking the city. A symbol of Christianity, the statue has become an icon of Rio and Brazil.[1] It is made of reinforced concrete and soapstone, and was constructed between 1922 and 1931

Burj Al Arab Hotel

Burj Al Arab is a 5-star luxury hotel located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. At 321 m (1,053 ft), it is the fourth tallest hotel in the world. Burj Al Arab stands on an artificial island 280 m (920 ft) out from Jumeirah beach, and is connected to the mainland by a private curving bridge. The shape of the structure is designed to mimic the sail of a ship.

Several features of the hotel required complex engineering feats to achieve. The hotel rests on an artificial island constructed 280 m (920 ft) offshore. To secure a foundation, the builders drove 230 forty-meter (130 ft) long concrete piles into the sand.[12]

Engineers created a surface layer of large rocks, which is circled with a concrete honeycomb pattern, which serves to protect the foundation from erosion. It took three years to reclaim the land from the sea, while it took fewer than three years to construct the building itself. The building contains over 70,000 m3 (92,000 cu yd) of concrete and 9,000 tons of steel.[12]

Inside the building, the atrium is 180 m (590 ft) tall.

Burj Al Arab is the world’s second tallest hotel (not including buildings with mixed use). The structure of the Rose Rayhaan, also in Dubai , is 11 m (36 ft) taller than Burj Al Arab.

Largest Catfish Ever Caught

The Largest Catfish Ever Caught
The Largest Catfish Ever Caught

This Grizzly bear sized catfish measures in at nearly 9 feet long. This might just be the largest freshwater fish ever on record.

Thai villagers tried to keep the giant catfish alive, but despite great efforts, it died and was eaten by the villagers. This species of catfish is listed as “critacally endangered” by the IUCN (World Conservative Union). This catfish specimen was caught in the Chiang Khong district, and is the biggest one caught since 1981. Due to the nature of this rare catch, the World Wildlife Fund is teaming up with the National Geographic Society to study the planet earth’s largest freshwater fish.